Web Access to Publications in Series

The Web Access to Publications in Series project tries to provide researchers with access to online texts or other resources relating to individual items in selected series of the social sciences "working paper/discussion paper" type of publication. These series are often cataloged only at the aggregate level, and by providing online access to Web sources that can contain fuller information, the project enhances the depth of data and information that can be made available. In many cases the links to the electronic versions provide significant information resources.

An example of how this process works can be seen in the following.

Suppose a researcher searches the Library's online catalog (http://catalog.loc.gov) and as result of the search the following LC catalog record were found:

 online catalog record sample

By clicking on the address noted under Links: the researcher will be taken to a site that has additional information, frequently substantial, or even full text, regarding the titles in this series. The result of following the link in the catalog record above shows

Source documents on web

In this example the sponsoring institution offers text in the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) as well as abstracts that can also be viewed online. (Note that the Adobe Acrobat Reader may be freely downloaded from Adobe as well as from many other Web sites).

In another example a search might produce a list of some (or perhaps all) titles in a series, but by accessing the source documents on the Web, the information that can be obtained is greatly enhanced, as in this second example:

LC online catalog record

Again, by following the link in the record, the researcher can obtain additional information. Here too, the data is offered in Adobe PDF format.

source data display

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