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BeCites+ (Bibliographies plus: Enhanced Citations with Indexes, Tables of contents, Electronic resources and Sources cited) enhances staff-produced bibliographies, and the catalog records for the titles included in such bibliographies, by adding links to their tables of contents, indexes, and sources cited. The project is an outgrowth of another continuing BEAT Project, the Digital Table of Contents project to enhance the catalog records of selected monographs in business and economics with links to their scanned tables of contents. It uses scanning and OCR to substantially enrich these traditional printed bibliographies. Links in the catalog records are made for each type of data file created for the work in question as well as between all the related files for any work for which a Web file is included.

Completed works within this project include guides on business history, Thomas Jefferson, and materials on Immigrant Arrivals to the United States. Works in progress cover guides to film collections and manuscripts from monasteries on Mount Athos, additional resources on business, and a guide to Ladino publications in the Library of Congress. Another recent initiative has been the scanning and conversion to text of heavily used, but out-of-print guides to Library collections whose individual items are not easily identified in the Library´┐Żs online catalog.

Here is a snapshot of some other of the various BeCites+ projects.

Enhanced Bibliographies

Scanning of selected front and back matter from a selection of guides from the Prints and Photographs Division is in process or has been completed including:

Digitization of the full text of LC guides Further details about the project can be found on its web page, //

Information concerning the titles in the project are available online, and the list of enhanced bibliographies can be viewed at the project's web site, as can the the list of digitized LC publications

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