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ONIX (Online Information eXchange) is a means of representing book industry product information and is being used by some publishers today to communicate those data electronically. The Library receives these data directly, and they often include information about contributors. In the belief that such information will be of interest to researchers, BEAT has undertaken a biographical information initiative to make this information available. The information is being linked from the catalog record to data stored on the Web. This will allow web users to encounter the data and in turn access the underlying catalog record as well as utilize the consequent access to the LC catalog and to identify related items therein.

Because the data are created by the publishers and not by LC, each record will carry a notice to that effect. In addition, a link (and display text) in the catalog record allows a user of the catalog to access the Web-based contributor data.

As of May 30, 2005 12,675 files had been created and linked to the catalog record where the contributor was represented.

A sample is available

Readers will note that in the Links area of the catalog record that will display, a text, "Contributor biographical information" hot-links from the catalog record to the Web-based contributor information. And, in the reverse, access the web-based data and a link will take the researcher to the catalog record.

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