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One area of BEAT support has been for the Library's Electronic Cataloging-In-Publication (E-CIP) program, where the team has been instrumental in helping to implement a Tables of Contents component. The addition of TOC data to E-CIP records converges with BEAT's bibliographic enrichment mandate.

E-CIP TOC operates in two modes of production. In the first, table of contents data is added to the body of the catalog record by catalogers and staff during the course of the regular E-CIP cataloging process.

In the first year of that program, more than 3500 electronic CIP records were created and the number of TOC records associated with these CIP records has continued to increase as the E-CIP program has expanded. For example, during Fiscal Year 2000, TOC data was included in the MARC records for approximately 21% of the titles processed as E-CIPs, and with the strong support of the Director for Cataloging and the use of automated editing techniques developed by team member David Williamson, the most recent statistics (May 31, 2005) show staff now adding TOC data for about 36% of the E-CIP titles. The hope is that ultimately TOC data will be reflected in as many as 50% of E-CIP titles. This activity is ongoing and is separate from BEAT's own digital TOC initiative (dTOC)or the (ONIX TOC) program described elsewhere on the BEAT pages.

To date the project has added TOC to 10,490 E-CIPs, bringing the cumulative total to almost 40,000.

In the second ECIP TOC production mode, TOC data is created from the original source files, and using programming techniques similar to those outlined in the description of the digital TOC project, HTML files with TOC data are created and placed on the Web. Cross links between the catalog record and the TOC files are also made. The controlled vocabulary as used in subject assignment is added to the HTML keyword meta tags, providing additional web-based indexing search points to the material in the TOC record. In addition, the subject headings also appear in the visible portion of the record as well. This allows both text-based searches on the file (as with a 'find' capability resident in most web browsing programs) and better communicating to the user the vocabulary terms used by catalogers at the Library to describe the subject content. Researchers may then use those terms in constructing additional searches when the hot-link is followed to the actual record in the online catalog display.

One example: A search for "politics literature Great Britain," might result in a search result that includes Patriotism, power, and print : national consciousness in Tudor England by Gillian E. Brennan. Toward the bottom of the catalog record, the display data shows Links: Table of Contents. Following that link will result in a display of the TOC data.

The number of ECIP TOC created through this web-based initiative stood at 54,000 at the end of May 2005.

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