A project that emerged as an extension of the BEAT ONIX intiatives is the provision of links to pubishers' descriptions of materials when such data is available. While neither the Library nor BEAT creates the original text, and therefore do not control it's content, BEAT believes by providing access to publishers' own descriptions, researchers may obtain significant information about the nature and content of the material and that this can be useful in determining something not only of the content, but of the potential relevancy and value of the work in question to the immediate interests of the researecher. Thus, BEAT is able to enrich the content of a cataog record through access to this additional information.

As a sample, we show a catalog record retrieved in a search of the Library's online catalog.

Online Catalog Catalog Record Display

When a user clicks on the "Publisher's description" noted in the Links: the researcher is taken to the text of the publisher's descrition of the item. Again, readers are reminded that neither the Library nor BEAT creates or controls the content of the text provided by the publisher.

Publisher's description

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