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The Conference Message Center

The Center will be located on the 6th floor in room LM654-Classroom C, beginning November 15 through Nov. 17th. This arrangement is to conveniently assist in facilitating your communications via Internet access. Twelve (12) computers will be available on a rotational basis scheduled according to the beginning letter of your last name:

Nov. 15th Nov. 16th Nov. 17th
8:00-8:30 A-O
8:30-9:00 P-Z
8:00-8:20 P-Z
8:20-8:45 A-O
8:00-8:15 P-Z
8:15-8:30 A-O
10:25-10:40 A-O
10:40-10:55 P-Z
9:55-10:05 P-Z
10:05-10:25 A-O
11:45-12:15 P-Z
12:00-12:30 A-O
12:30-1:00 P-Z
12:10-12:40 P-Z
12:40-1:10 A-O
2:00-3:00 A-O
3:00-4:00 P-Z
2:50-3:05 A-O
3:05-3:20 P-Z
2:40 - 3:00 open seating

Respecting the schedule will allow all participants to utilize this service

Message Center Monitors:
Paul Crego, Barbara Britton Williams, and Stephanie Butler.
For Directions to the Center, please consult the floor plans in your Conference Information Packet.

The Conference Message Board
To exchange communication with Conference participants, etc. leave your messages on the Message Board which will be located on the 6th floor to the right of the Registration Table.

The Conference Emergency Telephone Number
The conference telephone number 202.707.2825 (or 7-2825 from with in LC) will be activated from Nov. 14th through Nov. 17th to receive your emergency calls.

Library of Congress
October 26, 2000
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