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Cataloging Forum Presentation on CORC, BEOnline+, BECites+, and CORC Pathfinders

Presented April 25, 2000

The following cybercast is a recording of a presentation given to LC staff by the Cataloging Directorate's Cataloging Forum. This is a test cybercast--one of the first in the Library--in preparation for providing delayed cybercast coverage of the Cataloging Directorate's Bicentennial Conference on Bibliographic Control for the New Millennium.

In order to view this cybercast, you will need either Netscape 4.x or higher or Internet Explorer 5. You will also need Real Player version 7 or higher. If any of your components are out of date, you should get an error message and the opportunity to upgrade those components. You will also need to have a good internet connection for proper viewing, such as an institutional internet connection. Dial-up connections with a 56.6K modem will prove unsatisfactory.

If network traffic is heavy, you will see the synchronization between the speaker and his/her voice start to slip and the graphics may be slow to change. This does not cause any problems, it is just s sign that network traffic is heavy.

The entire presentation is approximately an hour long. You may wish to view some of it and then come back to view the rest at a later time. You can use the slider bar in the video frame to jump ahead or back in the presentation. If you do this, please be patient as it can take a couple of minutes to find the place in the video and buffer the contents. If you need to skip over a section of the presentation (such as the introduction of the speakers), move the slider all the way to the right of the video screen and the recording will move on to the next section automatically. There are 4 sections to the entire presentation.

As noted previously, this is a test video in preparation for cybercasting the Bicentennial Conference. We hope the Conference cybercasts will be posted and available in 2-5 business days after the actual presentations are made. Availability of the Conference cybercasts will be announced on the Conference web site at Check there frequently for the latest information.

The Cataloging Directorate is pleased to make this presentation available and hopes you enjoy this video on CORC, BEOnline+, BECites+, and CORC Pathfinders


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