Cataloging Directorate Logo

Cataloging Directorate Management Team

Beacher J.E. Wiggins, Director for Cataloging

Judy Mansfield, Acting Director for Cataloging

Susan R. Morris, Assistant to the Director for Cataloging

David Williamson, Cataloging Automation Specialist

Allene Hayes, Digital Projects Coordinator

Arts and Sciences Cataloging Division
Chief, Judy Mansfield
Acting Assistant Chief, Sharon Tsai
History and Literature Cataloging Division
Chief, Jeffrey Heynen

Regional & Cooperative Cataloging Division
Chief, John D. Byrum

Special Materials Cataloging Division
Chief, Susan H. Vita
Assistant Chief, Linda Stubbs

Social Sciences Cataloging Division
Chief, Angela Kinney

Cataloging in Publication Division
Chief, John P. Celli
Acting Assistant Chief, Diane Barber
Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Chief, Barbara Tillett
Assistant Chief, Tom Yee
Decimal Classification Division
Chief, Dennis McGovern

Cataloging Distribution Service
Chief, Kathryn Mendenhall

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