The Library of Congress will implement Amendments 2001 to AACR2 on December 1, 2001. The Amendments 2001 rule revisions are included in the current LC Cataloger's Desktop; they have been incorporated into the AACR2 text and they also appear separately under "Most recent Amendments." The Library of Congress Rule Interpretations related to Amendments 2001 have been distributed by the Cataloging Distribution Service to LC staff and to NACO participants. (Printed copies of Amendments 2001 are available from the American Library Association, the Canadian Library Association, and Library Association Publishing.).

There are three major rule revisions in Amendments 2001:

  1. Conference publications can be entered under the heading for the conference if the name of the conference appears anywhere in the item being cataloged (21.1B2(d)). LC will apply this rule revision to conference publications cataloged after November 30 (LCRI 21.1B2; 21.30E).

  2. British terms of honor ("Sir," "Dame," "Lord," "Lady") will no longer be included in headings (22.1C, 22.12) but will be retained in statements of responsibility (1.1F7) and can be used to resolve conflicts in headings (22.19B). LC will apply this rule revision to headings being newly established after November 30 (LCRI 22.1C).

  3. Chapter 9 has been renamed "Electronic Resources." The GMD "electronic resource" replaces "computer file" and conventional terminology (e.g., "1 CD-ROM") can now be used in the extent statement. The entire chapter has been reissued although a number of the rules within the chapter do not contain any changes. LC will apply revised Chapter 9 to items cataloged after November 30 (LCRI 1.1C; 9.3B1; 9.4F4; 9.5B1; 9.5D1).
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