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Barbara Tillett Returns to CPSO
Core-Level Record Study Completed
Recent Postings to the PCC Home Page
Processing Belles-lettres from India
Association of Jewish Libraries 2001 Convention
Top Five Reasons Why Library Administrators Should Support Participation in the PCC


LC staff will represent or report for the Library at the following meetings and events at the 67th Council and General Conference of IFLA, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, in Boston, August 16-25.

All events are in the Hynes Convention Center (Boston) unless otherwise noted.

The Library of Congress has also created a special Web site at URL // to announce LC activities at IFLA.

Events at the LC Exhibition Booth, Hynes Convention Center

The Library's exhibition booth is number 2232. The following LC personnel will conduct cataloging-related demonstrations at the booth.

Searching the Library of Congress Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC): Ann Della Porta. Monday, August 20, 11:00-11:30 am; Tuesday, August 21, 10:30-11:00 am.

Processing Electronic Resources at the Library of Congress: Identifying, Selecting, Cataloging, and Archiving Electronic Resources: Allene Hayes. Monday, August 20, 1:30-2:00 pm.

Electronic Cataloging in Publication (ECIP): Oxana Horodecka. Tuesday, August 21, 10:00-10:30.

Library of Congress's Use of the Cooperative Online Resource Catalog (CORC): Allene Hayes. Tuesday, August 21, 3:00-3:30 pm.

Program for Cooperative Cataloging: International Features: John Byrum, Beacher Wiggins. Wednesday, August 22, 2:00-2:30 pm.

Library of Congress staff working at the exhibit booth during the conference include: Cassy Ammen, Randall Barry, Carolyn Brown, John Byrum, Guillermina Castellano, John Cole, Ann Della Porta, Laura Gottesman, Allene Hayes, Alvin Henderson, Jan Herd, Jim Herndon, Angela Kinney, Sandy Lawson, Mike McClure, Kathryn Mendenhall, Betsy Miller, Susan Mordan, Marilyn Parr, Charlynn Pyne, Carla Ramos, Teri Sierra, Carolyn Sung, Sabrina Thomas, Randy Wells, Beacher Wiggins, Maurvene Williams, Chris Wright, Peter Young.

IFLA Offices Held by LC Staff

IFLA Professional Board:

Division I (General Research Libraries) representative: Winston Tabb.

Division V (Collections and Services) representative: L. Christopher Wright.

IFLA Governing Board: Sally McCallum (Incoming at this conference)

Section on Acquisitions and Collection Development: Nancy Davenport.

Section on Bibliography: Secretary: John Byrum. LC representative: Beacher Wiggins.

Section on Cataloguing: Chair/Treasurer: Barbara Tillett.

Section on Document Delivery and Interlending: Secretary: L. Christopher Wright.

Section on Information Technology: Sally McCallum.

Section on Libraries for the Blind: Wells Kormann.

Section on Library and Research Services for Parliaments: Donna Scheeder

Section on National Libraries: Chair/Treasurer: Winston Tabb.

Section on Preservation and Conservation: Mark Roosa.

Section on Rare Books and Manuscripts: Mark Dimunation.

Section on Reading: Chair: John Cole.

Section on Reference Work: Diane Kresh.

Section on Statistics: Peter Young.

Task Force for Program Planning member: Winston Tabb.

Newspapers Round Table member: Robert Harriman.

Events and Meetings

Monday August 13-Wednesday August 15

"Digital Libraries for the Blind and the Culture of Learning in the Information Age," Satellite Meeting in Washington, D.C. August 13-15, IFLA Section Libraries for the Blind in collaboration with the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, LC, and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Library for the Blind. From LC: Brad Kormann.

Thursday, August 16-Friday, August 17

ALCTS AACR2 and Metadata Institute. Crowne Plaza Boston-Natick Hotel (Natick, Mass.). August 16 (afternoon): Jeans Hirons speaking on "Seriality: What Have We Accomplished, What's Next?" August 17 (morning): Regina Romano Reynolds speaking on "ISSN: Dumb Number, Smart Solution." This is not an IFLA event but was scheduled in conjunction with the IFLA Conference.

"How do I find a picture of ...? The Changing Nature of Image Research." Satellite Meeting in Boston, MA, IFLA Art Libraries Section with the Art Libraries Society of North America. LC speaker at session "Imaging Projects from around the World." August 17, 2:30-4:00 pm: Helena Zinkham.

Saturday August 18

Standing Committee, Section on Bibliography. August 18, 8:30- 11:20 am. Secretary: John Byrum. LC representative: Beacher Wiggins.

Standing Committee, Section on Cataloguing. August 18, 11:30 am-2:20 pm. Chair: Barbara Tillett.

Standing Committee, Section on Reading. August 18, 11:30 am- 2:20 pm. Chair: John Cole.

Standing Committee, Section on National Libraries. August 18, 2:30-5:20 pm. Chair: Winston Tabb.

US Caucus Officers' Reception, August 18, 5:30-6:30 pm.

Sunday, August 19

Newcomers Session, August 19, 9:00-10:20 am.

IFLA Council I. August 19, 4:00-5:30 pm. LC member: Winston Tabb.

Exhibition Opening Reception. August 19, 5:45-7:00 pm.

"Information and Research Support to Parliaments and Legislatures: New Challenges and the Public Interest." Joint Conference of the Library and Research Services for Parliaments with Government Information and Official Publications Sections. August 19, 9:00 am-12:15 pm. Speaker on "Developments in Technology and Their Possible Implications for Legislative Services:" Dan Mulhollan.

Monday, August 20

Genealogy and Local History Discussion Group. "Genealogy and Local History Librarians Making a Difference to Society in Social and Cultural Development." August 20, 8:30-10:20 am. LC speaker: Judith Reid.

"How Is Virtual Reference Different from Face-to-Face Reference? Guidelines and New Competencies for Reference Services to the Remote User." Reference Work Section Open Forum. August 20, 8:30-11:00 am. "Follow-up on the Collaborative Digital Reference Service Project:" Diane Kresh.

"Digitizing Cartographic Materials." Geography and Map Libraries Section Open Forum. August 20, 8:30-11:00 am. "Digitization Projects at the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division:" John Hebert.

Library and Research Services for Parliaments: Research Seminar. August 20, 8:30 am-3:30 pm. "Functioning of the Bureau of Research as a Separate Unit of Parliamentary Services: Obstacles and Challenges:" Donna Scheeder.

Newcomers' Session. August 20, 9:00-10:20 am.

Division of Bibliographic Control Open Forum. August 20, 11:30 am-1:00 pm. "Section on Bibliography - Review of Activities 2000-2001:" John Byrum.

Tuesday, August 21

MINERVA: The Web Preservation Project of the Library of Congress. Poster session with Cassy Ammen, Alene Hayes. August 21, 12:00 - 2:00 pm. Repeated on August 22.

"Bibliography: Indispensable or Redundant." Section on Bibliography Open Forum. August 21, 12:30-3:00 pm. "The New Books Project," speaker: John Celli.

Guest lecture. August 21, 11:15 am-12:15 pm. James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress.

Wednesday, August 22

"Positioning Cataloguing for the Future." Section on Cataloguing Open Forum. August 22, 8:30-11:00 am. Chair and speaker on "A Virtual International Authority File:" Barbara Tillett.

Information Technology Section. "New Information and Communication Technologies for Libraries in the Knowledge Age." August 22, 8:30-11:00 am. Speaker on "Library Quality Reference Meets the World Wide Web:" Diane Kresh.

MINERVA: The Web Preservation Project of the Library of Congress. Poster session with Cassy Ammen, Alene Hayes. August 21, 12:00 - 2:00 pm. Repeat of August 22 poster session.

Thursday, August 23

"Marketing National Libraries." Workshop cosponsored by National Libraries and Management and Marketing Sections. August 23, 8:30 am-12:30 pm. "Marketing Tools: Cultural Programmes, Exhibitions, WWW, Relationships with the Press, Etc." LC speaker: Jill Brett.

"Information Exchange in the 21st Century: Formats and Standardization." Bibliographic Control with UBCIM and Permanent UNIMARC Committee Workshop. August 23, 8:30 am-5:00 pm. "UNIMARC for Classification:" Joan Mitchell (OCLC Forest Press). "Using MARC 21 for Electronic Resource Description and Access:" Rebecca Guenther. "Mapping:" Sally McCallum.

"What Makes a Good National Bibliography Even Better?" Workshop co-sponsored by the Sections on Bibliography and National Libraries. August 23, 1:30-5:30 pm. Co-convener: John Byrum.

Friday, August 24

Standing Committee, Section on Bibliography. August 24, 8:00- 10:00 am. Secretary: John Byrum. LC representative: Beacher Wiggins.

Standing Committee, Section on Cataloguing. August 24, 8:00- 10:00 am. Chair: Barbara Tillett.

Standing Committee, Section on National Libraries. August 24, 10:15 am-12:15 pm. Chair: Winston Tabb.

Standing Committee, Section on Reading. August 24, 10:15 am- 12:15 pm. Chair: John Cole.

Barbara Tillett Returns to CPSO

On August 6 Barbara Tillett resumed her position as chief of the Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO) after four years as director of the Integrated Library System Program (ILS) and, from February 2000 to February 2001, interim director for electronic resources. Acting CPSO chief Tom Yee will resume his position as assistant chief upon Tillett's return. Tillett will continue as chair of the Library's Metadata Policy Group, a position she assumed in 2000.

Beacher Wiggins, Director for Cataloging, praised her for her years of service and oversight of the successful implementation of the Library's new integrated library system. Tillett was officially recognized for her extraordinary service in this capacity when she became a recipient in June 2001 of the Arthur S. Flemming Award honoring outstanding men and women in the federal government.

While ILS program director, Tillett continued to serve as the Library's representative to the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR (JSC) and, as ALA's representative, chair of the IFLA Standing Committee Section on Cataloguing.

Tillett remarked that she is delighted to return to CPSO, the focus of her reasons for coming to LC in 1994. She indicated that serving as chief of CPSO gives her the opportunity to use her thirty-one years of experience in research, cataloging, and management.

In the immediate future, Tillett will focus her attention on tactical planning for CPSO, activities of JSC, IFLA, and LC's Metadata Policy Group, and assisting with the transitioning of the ILS Program Office into the future organizations in Library Services.

Core-Level Record Study Completed

The BIBCO core-level record, while intended to provide cataloging at an acceptable level of quality and detail, with the intention of increasing the pool of usable copy, has been less widely implemented than initially hoped. The vast majority of BIBCO participants continue to contribute mostly or exclusively full-level records. David Banush, Cornell University, undertook a qualitative study of cataloger and manager attitudes toward the core-level record, with the stated goal of assisting the PCC Policy Committee in its planning for and marketing of the BIBCO program.

The study consisted of in-depth telephone interviews with twenty catalogers and twenty managers from BIBCO institutions.

The full report includes recommendations to the PCC Steering Committee for consideration as it prepares for its November 2001 meeting at the Library of Congress. The recommendations offer various changes to the BIBCO program to assist in making the program more attractive to both current and potential participants, as well as more relevant to the changing needs of the library community.

A copy of the full report, with recommendations, is available on the PCC Web site, at URL // [August 2001].

Recent Postings to the PCC Home Page

Several new documents on PCC activities held during the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco have been posted to the PCC Web site.

The summary of the PCC Participants' Meeting held on Sunday night, June 17, is now available. This year's event sparked much discussion about the utilities wish list generated by program participants. The document is at URL // [August 2001].

The BIBCO-At-Large meeting, also held June 17, discussed changes in cataloging brought on by the need to handle integrating resources and the final report by David Banush (Cornell University) on professional acceptance of Core cataloging standards. Find the full report of the meeting at URL // [August 2001].

The Standing Committee on Training (SCT) has submitted its final report of the meeting held in conjunction with ALA at URL // [August 2001] One item of particular interest is the draft _BIBCO Participant's Manual_, now available at URL [August 2001].

In addition, the PCC asks those who create or manage catalog records for loose-leaf publications, Web sites, databases, and other integrating resources to share their thoughts on the cataloging of integrating resources by responding to a survey that Valerie Bross, co-chair, Task Group on Implementation of Integrating Resources, has mounted on the Web. The survey is at URL [August 2001].

Processing Belles-Letres from India

In June 2001, Beacher J. Wiggins, director for cataloging, approved a change in the processing of vernacular language belles- lettres from India. Effective immediately, the default level of cataloging for these materials will be minimal-level cataloging, including the first instance of an author in the catalog. The Library will continue to establish literary author numbers and will include the 053 field in name authority records. In bibliographic records the Library will continue to provide a class number in a second subfield "a" of the 050 field in addition to the Library's MLC call number.

This policy change simplifies the workflow for these materials and achieves cost savings. A review of the workflow showed that the Library can provide literary author numbers for new writers without undertaking full cataloging of the first book of a new writer. This approach uses methods developed by the Cooperative Cataloging Team for the establishment of literary author numbers.

Association of Jewish Libraries 2001 Convention

Lenore Bell and Joan Biella, Hebraica Team, Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division, attended the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) 2001 Convention, held in San Diego, Calif., June 24- 27. They presented their annual "LC Cataloging Update" on recent developments in Hebraica and Judaica cataloging policy and practices at the Library of Congress.

Bell gave a briefing on the development of LC Classification Schedule KBM for Jewish law and its impact on the revision of Schedule BM for Judaism. Feedback was sought on the overall development of the new draft KBM schedule (to be posted on the Cataloging Policy and Support Office website at URL // [August 2001]) and on five specific proposals: 1) reference hierarchy changes to the subject heading "Jewish law" and related subject development; 2) changes to the periodization for the history of Judaism in LCC and LCSH; 3) a proposed unified Cutter table for topics in rabbinical literature, Talmud, and Midrash; 4) an alternative classification for Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) in KBM and BM; 5) an alternative classification for Responsa literature in KBM, and related LCSH changes.

Biella reported on the status of a proposal to romanize Yiddish forenames of Hebraic or Aramaic origin in accordance with an expanded list under development jointly by LC, Stanford, and the AJL Cataloging Committee. Catalogers attending the session agreed to accept the forthcoming _Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names_ by Alexander Beider as an authoritative source for the Yiddish pronunciation of these names. The draft Yiddish forename list is available at URL // [August 2001].

Another topic in the report was the development of the virtual "Holocaust-Era Judaic Heritage Library," a project to broaden access to books and other materials acquired by LC in the aftermath of the Holocaust. The bibliographic records for those materials which are in the custody of LC's Hebraic Section, African and Middle Eastern Division, are being enhanced with detailed provenance notes as well as links to the Section's website at URL // [August 2001], where a fuller description of the collection may be found.

At a subsequent cataloging session, Biella presented a paper entitled, "Authority Work in Ruritania," a lighthearted look at the complexities of Hebrew name authority development.

Top Five Reasons Why Library Administrators Should Suport Participation in the PCC

A tongue-in-cheek approach to recruiting new members to the PCC by Mark Watson, associate university librarian for technical services, University of Oregon, has recently been posted to the PCC Web site. Below is a summary.

Reason #5: Because it slows catalogers down!

The very act of considering membership is an excellent opportunity for catalogers, their public services colleagues, and library administrators to slow down and set aside some time to consider the big picture, to think about why cataloging is performed, what makes it valuable, what is essential and what is not, and whether it makes sense to approach it in a cooperative environment like the PCC.

Reason #4: Because it takes time away from production cataloging!

Library administrators should support involvement in the PCC because the act of participation imposes a greater discipline upon the professional cataloger that can pave the way for better original and upgraded copy cataloging, higher morale, and potentially higher production and productivity for us all.

Reason #3: Because it involves costly overhead!

Library administrators should support involvement in the PCC because an investment in the overhead necessary for participation pays dividends that, in a short period of time, more than exceed the costs.

Reason #2: Because it's labor-intensive!

Library administrators should support involvement in the PCC because cataloging in general is labor-intensive to begin with and, when the effort is shared according to mutually agreed-upon standards, it becomes less so for everyone.

Reason #1: Because it's expensive!

Library administrators should support involvement in the PCC because it's too expensive NOT to participate -- the more participants, the lower the overall cost for everyone. That's a bottom line that any library administrator can support.

The full text of Mr. Watson's paper can be found on the PCC website, at URL // [August 2001].

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