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Archivists' SACO Training at LC
LC-Chinese Cooperative Relations Continue
Visitors to LC from South Africa
CONSER Membership
PCC Task Group on Integrating Resources
CONSER Documentation
Library of Congress, National Library of Canada, and British Library Agree on Format Convergence
Cataloging in Publication Program Celebrates Its Thirtieth Anniversary

Archivists' SACO Training at LC

As a follow-up to the annual conference of the Society of American Archivists held in Washington, D.C., in August, Cooperative Cataloging Team member Nancy Scott conducted a one-day workshop on specialized headings and subdivisions in LCSH used by archivists.

The six participants in the workshop represented seven institutions: Harvard University, IU-PUI (Indiana University-Purdue University combined campus), University of Southern California, University of Wyoming, Valdosta State College, and Western Kentucky University.

LC-Chinese Cooperative Relations Continue

Two catalogers from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Ada Shuk Man Cheung and Xiaolei Wang, spent several days at the beginning of August at the Library of Congress for meetings and training. A coffee with the Cooperative Cataloging Team included discussions of cooperative ventures, specific difficulties with types of name headings, and the current status of the Pinyin conversion.

The deputy director of the National Library of China, Sun Beixin, and director of international exchange, Sun Liping, met with appropriate LC staff on possible SACO participation during their visit to LC for the second China/US Conference on Libraries.

A translation of the PCC brochure into Chinese is scheduled for publication the week of Sept. 17.

Visitors To LC From South Africa

Following up on issues stemming from recent NACO training, librarians from South Africa took advantage of their presence in the United States for the conference of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions to visit the Library of Congress. In receptions, talks, and meetings organized by staff of the Cooperative Cataloging Team, Tienie de Klerk, project leader of the South African National Bibliography, National Library of South Africa, met with team members, CPSO specialists, and other LC staff Aug. 27-29. Discussions included the current restructuring of the National Library of South Africa and organizing a national literacy service. Fransie Terblanche, lecturer in information/library management in the Dept. of Information Science, University of South Africa, visited areas of interest in both cataloging and public services.

CONSER Membership

New York University (NYU) became the newest CONSER member in April, joining as an associate member. Everett Allgood is the NYU representative to the CONSER Operations Committee. NYU will be contributing records for some of its unique collections, including a collection of avant-garde serials from the 1950's dealing with city life. The university is also embarking on a project to catalog a large collection of serials in the Tamiment Library and Wagner Archives relating to labor history and radical political movements.

NYU is also cataloging electronic journals and plans to contribute publication patterns to its CONSER records. Joining CONSER completes NYU's PCC membership as it is already a member of NACO, SACO, and BIBCO.

Ada Shuk Man Cheung, CONSER representative from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, visited the Library of Congress in August. During her visit Jean Hirons, CONSER coordinator, and CONSER trainer Nancy Yu (LC) announced that the university had successfully completed its training and is now an independent CONSER member.

PCC Task Group On Integrating Resources

In July the PCC Task Group on Integrating Resources conducted an online survey to help plan for the implementation of forthcoming revisions to AACR2. The survey focused on cataloging issues surrounding integrating resources, a newly defined category of bibliographic resource. An integrating resource is a bibliographic resource that is added to or changed by means of updates that do not remain discrete and are integrated into the whole. Examples of integrating resources include updating loose-leafs and updating Web sites. The revisions of AACR2 are scheduled for publication in 2002.

For a summary of the survey results, see URL> [Sept. 2001]

The task group will use the results to consider what kind of documentation and training will be needed to implement new cataloging rules for integrating resources. They are also discussing record maintenance and distribution issues for this new category of bibliographic resource. The task group is drafting the final report due in October.


A new edition of the CONSER Cataloging Manual (CCM) is currently in preparation and will be published next spring or summer. The new edition will be updated to reflect rule changes for description of printed and electronic serials and title changes, and will include new materials on the cataloging of integrating resources. The material on integrating resources will also be made available separately and as part of the BIBCO Manual in recognition of the fact that a broad spectrum of catalogers will catalog integrating resources. The CONSER Editing Guide (CEG) will be revised to accommodate the Chapter 12 revisions. There will be no updates to either the CCM or CEG between now and the next revision.

Library of Congress, National Library of Canada, and British Library Agree On Format Convergence

Following the harmonization of the USMARC and CAN/MARC formats into a single format called MARC 21 in 1999, the Library of Congress (LC) and the National Library of Canada (NLC) welcome the recent decision taken by the British Library (BL) to adopt MARC 21. The decision was made following an extensive consultation exercise carried out by the BL with the UK library community which clearly indicated support for full adoption of MARC 21.

At the May meeting of the MARC Harmonization Coordinating Committee, LC, NLC and the BL agreed to work together in the ongoing development and maintenance of the MARC 21 format. The current agreement between LC and NLC will be reviewed and modified to introduce the participation of the BL. Technical staff from the three institutions will proceed with resolving any outstanding format issues.

The MARC 21 format is used extensively throughout the world. An expression of interest in future cooperation was recently received from the LIBER (Ligue des bibliotheques europeennes de recherche) group. The three national libraries on the coordinating committee are committed to ensuring not only the ongoing development and maintenance of MARC 21, but also its interoperability with emerging standards in metadata and exchange formats.

For further information contact Sally H. McCallum, chief, Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20540 (email:; fax: 1-202-707-0115; voice: 1-202-707-5119).

Cataloging In Publication Program Celebrates Its Thirtieth Anniversary

This year, the Cataloging in Publication Division is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the CIP program. CIP data plays an important role in virtually every library--and not just the CIP data printed in books, but also the Library of Congress CIP records that form the basis of hundreds of products and services that libraries use daily for acquisitions, collection development, cataloging, and public service. Over the past thirty years the CIP program has produced well over one million records, conserving U.S. library resources that otherwise would have been expended on cataloging costs. The program would not exist without the commitment of LC staff and the cooperation and participation of thousands of publishers.

To commemorate this milestone several special events were held this summer. The first was the June 15 reception for U.S. publishers and librarians during the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference. John Celli, chief of the division, presented plaques of appreciation to CIP's thirtieth-anniversary sponsors: Baker & Taylor, R.R. Bowker, Highsmith, Marcive Inc., OCLC, Quality Books, Inc., SilverPlatter, and the H.W. Wilson Company.

During an Association for Library Collections & Technical Services program at ALA, Celli, Craig Van Dyck, vice president of manufacturing, scientific, technical, medical publishing, at John Wiley & Sons, and Pat Thomas, Margaret Mann Citation recipient, traced milestones of the CIP program and discussed the "New Books" initiative. As envisioned, "New Books" will provide publishers opportunities to post a wide array of information about forthcoming books on the Library of Congress Web site and enable readers to request them from participating local libraries.

Librarians throughout the United States also joined the celebration by posting thank you notes to publishers and Library of Congress staff on the CIP 30th Anniversary Bulletin Board at URL [Sept. 2001]. For more information about the anniversary, visit the anniversary Web site at URL [Sept. 2001].

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