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Beacher Wiggins to be Acting Associate Librarian for Library Services
Barbara Tillett Attends IFLA Committee and JSC Meetings
Web Authorities
Classification Web
Recent Subject Training in Portland, Oregon
CONSER Operations Committee Meeting, May 1-3, 2002

Beacher Wiggins to be Acting Associate Librarian for Library Services

Director for Cataloging Beacher Wiggins has been selected by the Librarian of Congress, James H. Billington, to serve as acting associate librarian for Library Services when the current associate librarian, Winston Tabb, retires from the Library of Congress on September 1, 2002. Tabb is retiring to become Dean of the University Libraries and Sheridan Director of the Milton Eisenhower Libraries at the Johns Hopkins University. Wiggins's selection was announced to LC staff in a special announcement from the Office of the Librarian on June 19.

Wiggins has served as director for cataloging since January 1995, at first on an acting basis; he was named permanent director in June 1997. He first joined the Library of Congress in 1972 as a cataloger in the former Descriptive Cataloging Division. He was a section head there from January 1980 through September 1986 and assistant to the Associate Librarian for Collections Services from September 1986 to October 1991, when he was appointed chief of the Shared Cataloging Division. With the Cataloging Directorate reorganization in June 1992, he became chief of the Arts and Sciences Cataloging Division and remained in that position until becoming acting director for cataloging. He has been active in the American Library Association (ALA) for more than 20 years and is currently a member of the ALA Council. He is also the LC representative to the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions Standing Committee on Bibliography. He was head of the Library's bargaining team for the new collective bargaining agreement with AFSCME Local 2910, which was signed on April 16, 2002.

Wiggins earned a B.A. degree in English from Howard University in 1970 and an M.A. degree from the University of Wisconsin-- Madison School of Library and Information Studies in 1972. The University of Wisconsin--Madison School of Library and Information Studies Alumni Association named him its Alumnus of the Year in 1994.

Barbara Tillett Attends IFLA Committe and JSC Meetings

In May, Barbara Tillett, chief, Cataloging Policy and Support Office, attended a meeting in London of IFLA's (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) Working Group on Functional Requirements and Numbering of Authority Records (known as FRANAR). The group is developing a conceptual model that extends the concepts embodied in Functional Requirements of Bibliographic Records to the realm of authority control. The group reviewed various other authority control projects with which its members are involved, making clear that authority control is of wide interest internationally not only for libraries but also in the museum, archive, rights management, and copyright communities. Once the conceptual model is finished it will be distributed to these communities for comment. The working group's next meeting, to be held in conjunction with the IFLA Glasgow conference, August 2002, will be devoted to an examination of the issues related to use of identifying numbers for entities in the conceptual model.

Following the IFLA working group meetings, Tillett attended a three-day executive session in New Haven, Conn., of the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR (JSC), where, as representative from the Library of Congress, she participated in strategic planning and a review of the outstanding tasks now before the JSC. A new vision statement containing goals and specific tasks was drawn up that, with approval by the Committee of Principals when it meets in September, can then be distributed further for constituent review. JSC's next meeting, also in September, will be in York, England.

Web Authorities

The Library of Congress is pleased to announce the pilot of a new feature, Web Authorities, that will provide access to LC authority data through the World Wide Web. LC will make this feature available on a trial basis beginning July 1, 2002. Name, subject, and title authority records (including series authority records) will be available to search, display, and download at (URL [July 2002])

Due to the high volume of users in the LC Web OPAC, the Library of Congress currently limits simultaneous access in order to ensure system performance for public users and staff. These limits will also apply to users of the Web Authorities feature. The LC Web OPAC has proven so popular that it is often the case that all connections are in use between 10:00am and 2:00pm (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday. The Library is working to increase the number of simultaneous external users.

Not included with this release are: Z39.50 functionality; the full MARC 21 character set for display and download of authority data; and the subject subdivision records in the Library of Congress Subject Headings file. LC will collaborate with Endeavor Information Systems, Inc., the ILS vendor, to add Z39.50 functionality and these other features in a future release of Web Authorities.

The Library's Cataloging Distribution Service (CDS) will continue to provide full MARC 21 authority records (new, updated, and deleted) through the MARC Distribution Services (URL // [July 2002])

Classification Web

Classification Web became the Library of Congress Cataloging Distribution Service's (CDS) first World Wide Web-based cataloging and reference product on June 1, 2002. "Class Web" lets users access, search, and browse all Library of Congress Classification Schedules (LCC) and Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). "Class Web" also provides automatic calculation of classification table numbers, permanent personal or institutional notes file, the ability to link to a local Web OPAC for many major vendor systems, and links to a pre-set list of institutional OPACs.

After a pilot test in 2001, which drew 6,978 users from around the world, Classification Web underwent fine-tuning based on extensive pilot tester feedback.

Classification Web is available by annual subscription. Prices start at $375 for solo users and $575 for up to 4 concurrent users. For subscription options, prices, and complete product and ordering information, visit (URL // [July 2002] or contact: Library of Congress, Cataloging Distribution Service, Customer Services Section, 101 Independence Ave., S.E., Washington, DC 20541-4912. Toll-free telephone in U.S. 1-800-255-3666. Telephone outside U.S. (202) 707-6100. TDD (202) 707-0012. Fax: (202) 707- 1334. E-mail:([email protected]) Web :(URL // [July 2002].

Recent Subject Training in Portland, Oregon

John N. Mitchell, senior cooperative cataloger, Cooperative Cataloging Team, conducted subject training during the Oregon Library Association (OLA) and Washington Library Association (WLA) quadrennial joint state library conference in Portland, Oregon held April 17-20, 2002. This year's event, entitled "Building Bridges," included workshops, nearly one hundred vendors/exhibits, special speakers, and networking opportunities.

The OLA/WLA Conference Committee contacted the Cooperative Cataloging Team in late Spring 2001 to request that LC send a trainer to conduct a pre-conference workshop on subject analysis and conference sessions addressing the methodology of searching the LC Web OPAC and the use of form/genre headings in LC cataloging.

The half-day pre-conference on subject analysis had fifty- seven registrants from the public, private, state, and corporate sectors. The conference sessions averaged one hundred forty participants. This workshop also provided an opportunity to share information on the PCC and its SACO program with conference participants.

CONSER Operations Committee Meeting, May 1-3, 2002

The annual CONSER Operations Committee meeting, May 1-3, 2002, began with presentations on the Amendments 2002 to AACR2. The presentations described the complete revision of chapter 12, new title change rules in chapter 21, and other related rule changes. Most of the meeting focused on the cataloging of electronic resources; the topics of widest interest are outlined below. A full summary is available at URL //[July 2002]. Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR)

The Network Development and MARC Standards Office (NDMSO) prepared a paper on the hierarchical relationships between records for a work, its expressions and its manifestations based on the FRBR model, focusing on monographic works for examples. (URL [July 2002]). Attendees discussed brief examples of how the FRBR model would apply to serials. As a result, CONSER has set up a task force to provide serial examples for the NDMSO paper and to monitor developments related to all types of continuing resources and FRBR. Everett Allgood (New York University) will chair the CONSER Task Force on FRBR and Continuing Resources. Proposal to use a single record for all online manifestations of a serial

Many digitized print serials are made available online by multiple distributors, these distributors are often referred to as aggregators. Current CONSER practice is to create a separate record for each digital version distributed by each aggregator. The fact that distributors continually change, i.e., digitized versions of particular titles are dropped by some and picked up by others, has made the creation of separate records for each aggregator hard to manage. This proposal would provide access for all aggregators on a single record representing the electronic version. An 856 field for each aggregator would be added to the record for a digitized serial. The approach also complements the efforts described above to explore the FRBR model for defining relationships between print and online versions of serials.

An additional issue is how using a single record for the digitized version overlaps with the work of companies that offer serials management services. Representatives of the major serials management companies, Serials Solutions, TDNet, and JournalWebCite, were invited to address this topic and their relationships with CONSER at CONSER At-Large during ALA in June.

CONSER PURL Pilot Project

Valerie Bross (University of California, Los Angeles) gave an update on the status of the CONSER PURL Pilot Project. The project allows participants to maintain URLs cooperatively for freely available Web resources. A PURL (persistent uniform resource locator) server, hosted by OCLC, is used to enter and maintain URLs. Participants in the ten-week pilot project felt it had been successful although a better measure of its usefulness will be achieved over a longer time span and with more participating institutions. Since many of the PURLs were created for Web sites rather than serials, the pilot members recommend opening the project to BIBCO members. For further information about the CONSER PURL Project, see URL [July 2002].

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