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Volume 11, no. 3    ISSN 1066-8829    April 2003

PCC Participants Meeting at ALA Midwinter
New on the PCC Web Site
Train the Trainer Workshop: Integrating Resources
Hawaii/Pacific Subject Authority Funnel Project

PCC Participants Meeting at ALA Midwinter

The PCC Participants Meeting at ALA Midwinter was held Sunday, Jan. 26, 2003, at the Loews Regency Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa. Robert Wolven (PCC chair, Columbia University) delivered the semiannual "state of the program" message and welcomed new NACO, BIBCO, and SACO libraries that had joined the program during fiscla year 2002.

Wolven addressed the issue of PCC managed growth, explaining that the PCC has overhead costs such as providing training, documentation, and maintaining communication among its members. Consequently, to justify these program costs, the PCC Steering Committee reinstated numerical goals for NACO libraries. Small institutions are expected to contribute a minimum of 100 new or modified records annually; the large institutions are expected to contribute a minimum of 200. Large institutions are those that are national or ARL library members while small institutions are categorized as state, public, college, and special libraries. Wolven added that all participants cost about the same to train. If a library's contributions are low, the cost of each contributed record is high and the return on the training dollar is low.

David Banush (Cornell University; chair, Standing Committee on Training) announced that a new Joint Task Group on International Participation has been formed with the Standing Committee on Standards. Ann Caldwell (Brown University; chair, Standing Committee on Standards) focused attention on the chart of core- level record standards that compares standard elements required in bibliographic records for all formats. Gary Charbonneau (Indiana University; chair, Standing Committee on Automation (SCA)), introduced Katherine Kott, a new member from Stanford University. Charbonneau reported that the final report on series numbering is available, and the SCA is looking to find ways to encourage vendors to adopt its recommendations.

Jean Hirons (CONSER Coordinator, LC) and Carlen Ruschoff (University of Maryland, College Park) provided the CONSER update. Ruschoff welcomed new participants in the CONSER Publication Pattern Initiative. She reported on the latest in patterns, publication data for electronic journals and a universal holding record. Hirons announced that 2003 is the thirtieth anniversary of CONSER. In honor of this occasion, the Integrating Resources Workshop and the Electronic Serials Workshop are each being given as preconferences. Registration is now open on the ALA Web site. Hirons reported that CONSER's major goal for the year will be the definition of an "aggregator neutral record" (formerly called "Option B+") that can be used to create record sets. The aggregator neutral record might be seen as an expression-level record.

The full report of the meeting can be found on the PCC Web site at // [March 2003].

New on the PCC Web Site

The list below is a summary of the recent additions to the PCC Web site.

The PCC Participants' Meeting summary is available at // [March 2003] . The minutes summarize the next steps that the PCC will undertake under the guidance of PCC chair, Robert Wolven (Columbia University), and chair-elect, Carlen Ruschoff (University of Maryland).

The PCC has authorized the establishment of the Task Group on SACO Program Development. The Web document located at // [March 2003] details the task group's charge, timeline, and membership.

The core-level standard for cartographic materials revision addresses the treatment of the 533/534 fields. This is available at // [March 2003].

The CONSER-At-Large Meeting summary, available at // [March 2003], reports on the implementation of 2002 AACR2 revisions, publication patterns, the CONSER Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) Task Force, the use of 510s in CONSER records, and CONSER policies regarding journals in aggregations.

The BIBCO-At-Large Meeting summary, available at // [March 2003], reports on recent BIBCO activities, including news about a cost-benefit study of BIBCO that is currently underway. This document also summarizes the presentation given by Judy Kuhagen (Cataloging Policy and Support Office, LC) on the 2002 AACR2 revisions that impact BIBCO cataloging, especially series transcriptions.

The PCC Standing Committee on Automation (SCA) has been asked to investigate the ways that integrated library systems make use of linking entry fields and to make suggestions for possible improvements. To accomplish this work, the SCA has created the Task Group on Linking Entries. Further information about the task group's charge, timeline, and membership, go to // [March 2003].

Also available on the PCC Web site are the minutes from the Standing Committee on Training at // [March 2003] and the Standing Committee on Standards notes at // [March 2003].

Train the Trainer Workshop: Integrating Resources

A new course on integrating resources has been developed under the auspices of the Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program (SCCTP) in conjunction with the BIBCO Program. Steven J. Miller (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) is the course developer. The course is based on the revised Chapters 9 and 12 of AACR2 (2002 revision) and covers all integrating resources, with an emphasis on electronic resources cataloging. The Integrating Resources Workshop is currently designed as a one- or two-day course. The workshop will be available from LC's Cataloging Distribution Service in March 2003.

Two train-the-trainer sessions as pilots of the workshop were held recently: Philadelphia, Jan. 24, 2003, presented by Miller, and Seattle, Feb. 10-11, 2003, presented by Adam Schiff (University of Washington). The sessions included the following topics: introduction to integrating resources and their identification; instructions for cataloging and updating Web sites and databases; making changes to records; selections and options for access; and case studies and more difficult aspects of cataloging electronic integrating resources. An optional session can be scheduled on the cataloging of loose-leaf materials.

Complete information on SCCTP is available at // [March 2003].

Hawaii/Pacific Subject Authority Funnel Project

A new Hawaii/Pacific Subject Authority Funnel Project, overseen by the Program for Cooperative Cataloging's Subject Authority Cooperative Program (SACO), began in November 2002. The project was initiated by and is hosted by the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Currently this funnel project is concentrating on the creation of new subject headings and the updating of old subject headings for materials that are reflected in the collections on the Hawaiian Islands and the surrounding Pacific Basin. Forthcoming subject authority contributions will provide greater and better access to these regional materials through this project. To date, a number of proposals have been forwarded to SACO for review by PCC subject specialists. The first approved project heading is: Nukumanu Atoll (Papua New Guinea) sh2002009692.

Institutions interested in becoming participants in the funnel project should contact the project's coordinator, Nancy Sack, University of Hawaii at Manoa, [email protected].

Current participants (and their corresponding MARC 21 organization codes) include: Honolulu Community College (HHC), Kapiolani Community College (HHK), Kauai Community College (HiLiKCC), Leeward Community College (HpcL), Maui Community College (HiKhMCC), University of Hawaii at Hilo (HhlU), University of Hawaii at Manoa (HU), and Windward Community College (HiKaWCC).

Further information can be found at // [March 2003].

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