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Volume 11, no. 4     ISSN 1066-8829     April 2003

Records for Copyright Paperback Collection
ONIX Sample Text Project
Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee
International Conference on Authority Control
International Conference on Electronic Resources
MARCXML Test Files Available

Records for Copyright Paperback Collection

The Library of Congress receives several thousand books each year destined for the Library's Copyright Paperback Collection. To bring this vast quantity of material under bibliographic control with very scarce resources, the Cataloging Directorate has had to choose an approach that entails various shortcuts. The Copyright Paperback Cataloging Project uses copy cataloging for roughly eighty-five percent of the titles in the project. Many categories of error, particularly with regard to series statements, are intentionally not corrected, and in general, staff do not match the entire record to the book as is done for other cataloging modes. For these reasons the records are assigned encoding level 3. Code 3 indicates a brief record that does not meet minimal-level cataloging specifications. Headings in the records may reflect established forms to the extent that such forms were available at the time the record was created. The Library's initial decision was not to distribute these records.

In response to a request to the Cataloging Distribution Service, the Cataloging Directorate has agreed that the Copyright Paperback Collection records will be distributed. The directorate regrets that it may not be able to respond to maintenance notices related to these records in the same manner as it does for other records.

The Cataloging Distribution Service will take the necessary steps to distribute some 5,500 records already input and readily available for distribution. MARC Distribution Services (MDS) subscribers should expect these records in the upcoming daily and weekly issues of MDS-Books All and its subsets.

The records in question can be identified by the following added entry that occurs in each of them:

710 2# $a Copyright Paperback Collection (Library of Congress) $5 DLC

Questions on the Copyright Paperback Collection records can be directed to the Cataloging Policy and Support Office, Library of Congress, [email protected].

ONIX Sample Text Project

The Bibliographic Enrichment Advisory Team announces its latest bibliographic enhancement project. The ONIX Sample Text Project has enhanced 2,278 bibliographic records of books published by Cambridge University Press. The press has files of sample text in PDF format of some items published. The URLs for these sample texts are given in the regular ONIX files that the Library receives for its Table of Contents and Publisher Descriptions Projects. The ONIX file is read by program and when one of these URLs is found, an attempt is made to match the Cambridge ONIX record against the LC database. If a match is found, Cambridge has agreed to let the Library copy the PDF file to the Library's web server, where it will reside indefinitely. The PDF file is then programatically linked to the matching catalog record as an enhancement to the catalog record. The Library's catalog record will be redistributed so that the enhancement will be available to anyone who receives or searches updated LC records. Users will be able to view the sample text from the copy on the LC server. Copying the PDF file to the LC server helps to ensure the long term stability of the URL in the 856 field of the catalog record.

Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee

The Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee (EPC) held its Meeting 119 at the Library of Congress Oct. 16-18, 2002, with chair Andrea Stamm (Northwestern University) presiding. The committee unanimously reelected Lucy Evans (British Library) as vice-chair. Since Meeting 119, EPC has held two teleconferences (Meeting 119A on Nov. 6, Meeting 120A on Mar. 4), and two more teleconferences are planned for April and May. With these meetings EPC is completing the work necessary for publication of Dewey Decimal Classification, 22nd ed. (DDC 22) in July 2003 and Abridged Edition 14 in January 2004.

For DDC22, the committee reviewed and approved front matter, including the introduction and glossary; a thoroughly revised "manual"; and further revisions of previously approved schedules and tables, such as Table 2--71 Canada (worked out in cooperation with the National Library of Canada to reflect recent changes in local jurisdictions, mostly in Quebec); Table 5 (renamed Ethnic and national groups in order to de-emphasize race); 324.243 German political parties (worked out in cooperation with Die Deutsche Bibliothek, which is preparing the German translation of Edition 22); 371.92 Students with mental disabilities; 778.59 (expanded to cover video art); 792.3 Pantomime (developed to distinguish silent pantomime from the music and dance version of pantomime popular in the United Kingdom); 910.46 Travel facilities (including a relocation of descriptive works on hotels, inns, etc., from 647.94); and 930.1 and Table 1--09012 (Prehistoric periods).

For Abridged 14, EPC approved Table 2 Geographic areas and persons; 004-006 Data processing / Computer science; 200 Religion; 300-307 Social sciences, sociology and anthropology; 340 Law; 510 Mathematics; and 640 Home and family management.

International Conference on Authority Control

More than four hundred librarians attended the International Conference on Authority Control: Definition and International Experiences that was held in Florence, Italy, Feb. 10-12, 2003. Organized by Mauro Guerrini (University of Florence), and sponsored by the Tuscany Regional and Italian Library Association together with other bodies, the event was devoted to five broad topics: State of the art and new theoretical perspectives; Standards, exchange formats, metadata; Authority control for names; Authority control for subjects; and Authority control experiences and projects. Nearly 40 papers were contributed by speakers from North America and Europe.

Three staff from the Library of Congress participated. Barbara Tillet (chief, Cataloging Policy and Support Office) spoke on "Authority control: state of the art and new perspectives"; John D. Byrum, Jr. (chief, Regional and Cooperative Cataloging (RCCD)), spoke on "NACO: a cooperative model for building and maintaining a shared name authority database"; and Ana Cristan (acting team leader, Cooperative Cataloging Team, RCCD) covered "Subject gateways and SACO." The preliminary versions of these and the other presentations are available at [Mar. 2003]. The proceedings will be published in both English and Italian later this year.

International Conference on Electronic Resources

The Proceedings of the International Conference on Electronic Resources: Definition, Selection, and Cataloguing are now available. With contents published both in Italian and English, this 732-page volume was edited by Mauro Guerrini and published by Editrice Bibliographica (Via Bergonzoli, 1/5 - 20127 Milan, Italy) under title: Le risorse elettroniche: Definizione, selezione e catalogazione = Electronic resources: Definition, selection, and cataloguing (ISBN 88-7075-586-X; price 40 euros).

John D. Byrum, Jr. (chief, Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division) is the author of a paper on "Challenges of electronic resources" which served as the key-note address at the event held in November 2001. Barbara B. Tillett (chief, Cataloging Policy and Support Office) contributed a presentation on "AACR2's updates for electronic resources: response of a multinational cataloguing code; a case study." Totaling more than thirty articles, other papers covered topics that were assembled in five sessions: I. Challenges of electronic resources; II. Identification, selection, and preservation of valuable electronic resources; III. Bibliographic access and control of electronic resources; IV. Portal and subject access to electronic resources; and V. Further reflections on experiences of national and university libraries.

MARCXML Test Files Available

The Cataloging Distribution Service (CDS) has made an alternative copy of its MARC Distribution Service test files in MARCXML using the MARC 21 XML schema. The schema is available from the Network Development and MARC Standards Office website at // [March 2003].

Information on obtaining the MARCXML test files listed below is available at // [March 2003].


The records are in Unicode. The display of non-Latin characters will depend on the browser used and individual PC settings. CDS is evaluating customer interest in MARCXML formatted files as a distribution option for the future and would be interested in feedback. Comments or questions on the MARCXML test files, or interest in a future MARCXML distribution service should be addressed to Cataloging Distribution Service, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20541-4912, [email protected].

Questions on the MARC 21 XML schema should be addressed to the Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20540-4402, [email protected].

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