Edward Gaynor

University of Virginia

Edward Gaynor has been Head of Original Cataloging at the University of Virginia since 1989. Previously, he was humanities and social sciences cataloger at Auburn University, and he received his MLS from the University of South Carolina in 1984.

Cataloging Digital Images: Issues

presented here as 640 x 480 GIF image

Participants broke into groups and discussed cataloging this image with the data given. What issues might come up?

CREATOR: Palladio, Andrea, 1508-1580

TITLE: Villa Rotonda

ADDED TITLE: Villa Capra

LOCATION: Vicenza, Italy

DATE: Begun 1567

VIEW: Ext: view of facade

TYPE (AAT): Villas

SUBJECTS: you're the catalogers...



IMAGE ID: (IDs not yet implemented)

IMAGE FILE NAME: twelveW07.jpg

FORMAT OF DIGITAL IMAGE: 1335 x 855 pixels, 200 dpi; 225K compressed; 3.27MB uncompressed

URL OF DIGITAL IMAGE: gopher://gopher.lib.virginia.edu/I9/dic/images/westfall/twelve/twelveW07.jpg

Other info. that might be recorded (HOW?, WHERE?):

Creator of digital image

Image also exists as an 8-bit GIF, 169 x 108 pixels, 72 dpi, 9K; URL: http://www.lib.virginia.edu/dic/colls/arh102/twelve/twelveW07.gif

Image was altered in Adobe Photoshop to enhance display. Necessary to record steps taken in altering original input?


06/12/87             SUBJECTS          PCRD     MUMS          PAGE   1 OF   1

VERIFIED                                     EVAL                  SU

  001  sh85-143351
  040  DLC DLC DLC
  110  Villa Rotonda (Vicenza, Italy)
  410  Capra Villa (Vicenza, Italy) [used for]
  410  Rotonda Villa (Vicenza, Italy) [used for]
  410  Villa Capra (Vicenza, Italy) [used for]
  550  Dwellings--Italy [broader term]

The groups were asked to consider the following questions:

1. Is it time for MARC to evolve? Should MARC move toward a different language--e.g. SGML, with DTDs for various formats or types of materials?

2. Is there a need for a bibliographic record that is separate from the digital resource? Should digital resources be able to carry their own cataloging information with them?

3. Is it time for systems to evolve? Should the next generation be able to use both MARC, and data (such as SGML-tagged headers) to display bibliographic information to users?

4. Is it time for AACR2 (and particularly Chapter 9) to be revised? Should the idea of a separate computer files chapter be revisited? Could "computer file" be thought of as another information carrier like print on paper? Or is it unique?

5. In attempting to "catalog" the digital image of the Villa Rotonda, address issues surrounding both the computer file, and the image itself. What is important for a user to know about this resource?