Diane Vizine-Goetz


Diane Vizine-Goetz received her Ph.D. in Library and Information Science from Case Western Reserve University in 1983. Her research interests include cataloging, classification and automated cataloging productivity tools. Currently, she is Consulting Research Scientist, OCLC Office of Research. She is manager for the Electronic Dewey and Cataloging Productivity Tools projects.

Cataloging Internet Resources

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1. Cataloging Internet Resources

Diane Vizine-Goetz

2. Internet--Current Situation

*Diverse and growing collection of electronic resources

*Rapid growth in users and traffic

*Many locating and access mechanisms (e.g., Anonymous FTP, Archie, Gopher, WAIS, WWW/Mosaic, etc.)

3. The Challenge for Librarians

*meeting users' needs for improved access to electronic resources by extending existing library practices and services

4. Why Catalog Internet Resources?

*Standardized description

*Controlled access points and indexing vocabularies

*MARC record structure facilitates indexing, retrieval, and exchange of bibliographic data

5.Obstacles to Cataloging







*Problems in authentication and attribution

6. Progress

*OCLC lnternet Resources Project completed (1993)

*MARC field 856 Electronic Location and Access approved (1/1994)

*USMARC format changes for creation of records for online systems and services approved (6/1994)

*U.S. Dept. of Education awards OCLC grant for Catalog of lnternet Resources (9/1994)

7. Electronic Journals--Current Situation

*CICNet Archive-740 titles (941004)

*SUNY Morrisville Gopher-250 titles

*OLUC-192 records for Internet titles (941006)

**137 (72%) input via National Serials Data Program

**93 have zero holdings

**41 titles overlap with CICNet Archive

8. Top 5 Electronic Journals in OLUC by holdings

1. The Online journal of current clinical trials (42)

2. The Journal of the International Academy of Hospitality Research (17)

3. The Pubic-access computer systems review (13)

4. Postmodern culture: and electronic journal of interdisciplinary criticism (12)

5. ALA Washington Office Newsline (11)

9. Electronic Journals--Sample CICNet Record

%Title: PACS Review

%Descr: Reviewed Journal on Public Access Catalog Systems or library computing in general

%info: [email protected]; deweylib.ncsu.edu:/pub/stacks/pacsn

%Archive: Mirror

%ISSN: 1048-6542

%LC: Z699.35.C38

l0. Electronic Journals--Sample CICNet Record

%Topic: Library

%Title: ALAWON

%Descr: American Library Association Washington Office Newsletter

%info: [email protected]; dewey.lib.ncsu.edu:/pub/stacks/alawon

%Archive: Mirror

%Topic: Library

%LC: Z673

11. Electronic Journals--Sample MARC Record

12. Rankings by Topic--CICNet Archive vs. OLUC

1. Politics               1. Library

2. Computing 2. Education

3. misc. 3. Literature

4. Computer Underground 4. Politics

5. News 5. culture

13. Literary/Scholarly Electronic Texts--Current Situation

* OLUC (88 records for Internet-accessible items)

**Rutgers Inventory of Machine-Readable Texts (1600+)

**University of Virginia Library Electronic Text Center (200+)

**Project Gutenberg (350+)

**Internet Wiretap

14. Electronic Texts--Sample MARC Record

15. OCLC Office of Research Activities

*Support cataloging standards development

*Investigate mapping between key electronic resource description formats

*Prototype system for creating record descriptions

16. Support Cataloging Standards Development

*Study OCLC MARC Records for Electronic/Internet Resources

**Identify and analyze MARC records for electronic resources

***MARC field and subfield characteristics

**Track usage of MARC 856 field

**Analyze holdings data for records with electronic location and access fields

**Monitor stability of location and access information

17. Support Cataloging Standards Development

*Create machine-derived descriptions for recurring classes of items, for example:

**Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

**Online Library Catalogs

**Electronic Discussion lists

**Electronic Journals and Newsletters

*Explore need for evaluative data in records

**Registration of site or service handling request

**Number of links in HTML documents

18. Translate between Resource Description Formats

*MARC Records

*Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Header

*Uniform Resource Characteristics (URC)

19. Internet Resources Cataloging System

*Prototype system for creating electronic resource descriptions (MARC records, TEI Headers, URCS)

**By librarians

**By authors

*Investigate automatic indexing techniques for textual items

*Access the quality and content of records