This exhibition was developed under the leadership of James H. Billington, the Librarian of Congress.

Management and Staff

  • Marie Arana, Chief
  • Francisco Macías, Project Coordinator
  • Mary Eno, Special Events Manager
  • John Hessler, Curator, Mexico Display and Jay I. Kislak Collection
  • Sue Siegel, Director of Development
  • Gayle Osterberg, Publicity Director
  • Cindy Moore, Designer
  • Nicholas Brown, Musical Coordinator
  • Thip Padavong, Project Manager, Web Services
  • Lia Kerwin, Office of the Librarian

Presenters, Introducers, Advisors

From the Office of the Librarian of Congress

Robert Dizard Jr., Deputy Librarian of Congress

From Library Services

American Folklife Center

Elizabeth Peterson, Chief
Ann Hoog, Folklife Specialist

Conservation Division
Susan Peckham, Senior Paper Conservator

Geography & Maps Division

John Hessler, Curator, Jay I. Kislak Collection

Hispanic Division

Georgette Dorn, Chief
Everette Larson, Head, Hispanic Reading Room
Barbara Tenenbaum, Specialist in Mexican Culture

Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division

Gregory Lukow, Chief
Mike Mashon, Head, Moving Image Section

Music Division

Susan Vita, Chief
Michele Glymph, Music Specialist

Prints & Photographs Division

Helena Zinkham, Chief
Katherine Blood, Fine Print Specialist

Rare Book & Special Collections Division

Daniel De Simone, Curator, Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection

From the Office of Support Operations

Office of Opportunity, Inclusiveness & Compliance

Roberto Salazar, Program Office

Interviews & Multimedia

  • Jim Cannady, Multimedia Coordinator
  • Michael Turpin, Recording Engineer, Music Division
  • Sheryl Cannady, Office of Communications
  • Kimberly Allen, Management Analyst, Law Library of Congress
  • Ana Chaletzky, Accountant, Office of the Chief Financial Officer
  • Pamela Barnes Craig, Instructor & Reference Librarian, Law Library of Congress
  • Dante Figueroa, Senior Legal Information Analyst, Law Library of Congress
  • Janice Hyde, Supervisory Program Specialist, Law Library of Congress
  • Catalina Gómez, Special Assistant to the Chief, Hispanic Division
  • Francisco Macías, Senior Legal Information Analyst, Law Library of Congress
  • Roberto Salazar, Program Specialist, Office of Support Operations
  • Marta Lucía Sierra, Management Analyst, Strategic Planning Office
  • Teresa Sierra, Acting Chief, Serial and Government Publications Division, Library Services

Special thanks to all of the following individuals from the Library of Congress for their support in realizing this symposium and exhibition:

Roberta Shaffer, Associate Librarian of Congress for Library Services; David Mao, Law Librarian of Congress; Jeffrey Page, Chief Financial Officer; Lucy Suddreth, Chief, Office of Support Operations; Mark Sweeney, Director, Preservation Directorate; Elmer Eusman, Chief, Conservation Division; Holly Krueger, Head of Paper Conservation Section; Ralph Ehrenberg, Chief, Geography and Map Division; Jim Karamanis, Chief, Web Services; Lee Ann Potter, Director, Educational Outreach; Sara Karrer and Mark Conner, Development Office; Ida Hernandez, Office of Opportunity, Inclusiveness & Compliance

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