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Articles and Essays

  • A Brief Introduction to the Music of Aaron Copland

    Early Years and "An American Music". Aaron Copland in Paris, early 1920s, Music Division, Library of Congress. When Aaron Copland boarded a ship for Paris in June 1921, a few months short of his twenty-first birthday, he already had a good musical training thanks to his conservative but thorough American teacher, Rubin Goldmark. He carried in his luggage the manuscript of what was to ...

  • Copland Timeline 1900 to 1990

    1900-1920. 1900 November 14: Aaron Copland was born in Brooklyn, New York, the youngest of five children born to Harris Morris Copland, a department store owner, and his wife, Sarah Mittenthal Copland.

  • An Intimate Sketch

    On November 14, Aaron Copland will be seventy years old. November 14--it's a date seared into my mind. Two of the most important events of my life occurred on that day, the first in 1937, the second in 1943--and so I never forgot Aaron's birthday.

  • A 75th Birthday Tribute

    The following articles were originally published in the Schwann record catalog in Schwann-1 Record and Tape Guide. November, 1975: To honor Aaron Copland on his seventy-fifth birthday the following pieces have been contributed for this issue by some of his closest friends. We are most grateful to them for their instant and enthusiastic cooperation in offering tribute and personal birthday greetings to Aaron Copland, ...

  • Works Listing by Title

    A [u'From "Alone" to "As It Fell upon a Day" (7 works)']