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  • Map

    Plan of Fort Fisher and vicinity, North Carolina. Plan of second attack, January 15th, 1865.

    The first assault on Fort Fisher was made in December 1864 by Gen. Benjamin F. Butler, who withdrew when he realized a direct assault on the fort would be costly, and that Confederate reinforcements were only a few miles away. The second assault, led by Gen. Alfred Howe Terry, used a large naval force to bombard the fort before landing 8,000 assault troops. Two ...

    • Contributor: Sneden, Robert Knox
    • Date: 1864-12-15
  • Map

    Ft. Fisher shewing [sic] Union attack, Jany 15th 1865 From survey made after surrender by U.S. Engineers.

    Map shows area surrounding forts Fisher, Buchanan and Anderson near Smithville, N.C. Fort Fisher, located on the peninsula formed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear River, was the primary target of the Union assault. Details include locations of Confederate batteries, abatis, spikes, palisades, and ditches, and arrows showing the direction of the advance of the various Union forces.

    • Contributor: Sneden, Robert Knox
    • Date: 1865-01-15
  • Map

    [Map of attack on Fort Fisher, Wilmington, N.C.]

    Shows details of the area surrounding Wilmington, N.C., during the Union attack on and capture of Fort Fisher.

    • Contributor: Schilling, Franz Wilhelm Von
    • Date: 1865-01-03