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Collection Railroad Maps, 1828 to 1900

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  • Map

    Map showing the projected route of the Potomac and Ohio Railway.

    Middle Atlantic area showing drainage, cities and towns, county boundaries, coal in West Virginia and the railroads with emphasis on the main line. Incorporated by the West Virginia legislature, 1867-68.

    • Contributor: G.W. & C. Colton & Co. - Potomac and Ohio Railway
    • Date: 1874
  • Map

    Experimental survey for the Eastern Shore Rail Road, Maryland...

    Survey map along route of line covering strip of land in Maryland from Elk Landing to Tangier Sound. Shows streams, fields, land owners, roads, and the "lines run with compass & level, Lines run with compass." The line was chartered in 1853, organized in 1859, and the first section of road completed in 1860.

    • Contributor: Emory, William H. (william Hemsley) - McClelland, J. - Kearney, James - Eastern Shore Railroad - Emory, William H.
    • Date: 1853
  • Map

    A map of the internal improvements of Virginia; prepared by C...

    The map indicates drainage, county boundaries, mines, cities and towns, roads, canals, and railroads.

    • Contributor: Crozet, Claudius
    • Date: 1848
  • Map

    Lloyd's official map of the state of Virginia from actual sur...

    Indicates drainage, relief by hachures, state and county boundaries, roads, distances, place names, mills, factories, "places remarkable for military incidents," and the railroad network.

    • Contributor: Lloyd, James T.
    • Date: 1861
  • Map

    Map showing the economic minerals along the route of the Ches...

    Covers area from Richmond, Va., to the Ohio River along the route of the railroad and shows the geological sections in which minerals are found. Consolidated from the Virginia Central and Covington and Ohio Railroads in August 1868.

    • Contributor: Maury, Matthew Fontaine - Ridgway, Thomas S. - Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company
    • Date: 1872
  • Map

    Railroads in Virginia and part of North Carolina, drawn and e...

    Shows rail connections between Harpers Ferry and Winchester, Acquia Creek to Rocky Mount and Huntsville, N.C., and a line from Gosport to Newsons Depot.

    • Contributor: Doggett, John
    • Date: 1848
  • Map

    Map of the Virginia Central Rail Road showing the connection ...

    Map of Virginia and parts of adjacent states showing drainage, county boundaries, place names and "McAdamised" roads.

    • Contributor: Vaisz, W. - Virginia Central Railroad Company
    • Date: 1852
  • Map

    Map of the proposed line of Rail Road connection between tide...

    Scale ca. 1:625,000. LC Railroad maps, 81 Description derived from published bibliography. Annotations added in pencil and colored inks to indicate "Railroads tending to Richmond, Norfolk Alexandria and Baltimore," and the "proposed extension of the Manassas Gap Railroad west . . . Sep. 1852." Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.

    • Contributor: Vaisz, W. - Virginia. Board of Public Works
    • Date: 1852
  • Map

    Map and profile of the Orange and Alexandria Rail Road with i...

    Printed topographic strip map with manuscript annotations to show the geologic structure along the route of the railroad. The Alexandria and the Chesapeake and Ohio canals and stage stable for horses used on the Piedmont stage route to North Carolina are also indicated. The Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company was founded in 1848 to divert hinterland products away from Baltimore and Richmond to Alexandria, ...

    • Contributor: Faul, August - Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company
    • Date: 1854
  • Map

    Map of the Manassas Gap Railroad and its extensions; Septembe...

    Topographical map of part of northern Virginia showing relief by hachures, drainage, cities and towns, counties, roads, and railroads with distances. Includes profiles. Chartered March 11, 1850. Opened in 1854 from Manassas Junction to Strasburg. Va. Consolidated June 1, 1867, with the Orange and Alexandria, forming the Orange, Alexandria, and Manassas Railroad. See entries 507 and 508.

    • Contributor: Dwyer, Thomas - Manassas Gap Railroad Company
    • Date: 1855
  • Map

    Map & profile of the Virginia & Tennessee Rail Road.

    Strip map of Virginia between Lynchburg and Bristol, Tenn. Shows drainage, coal and copper fields, county boundaries, cities, towns, and roads. Chartered March 24, 1848, under the name of Lynchburg abd Tennessee Railroad. Consolidated in 1871 under Atlantic, Mississippi, and Ohio Railroad. See entry 331. [From published bibliography]

    • Contributor: Blackford, W. W. (william Willis) - Ritchie & Dunnavant - Blackford, W. W.
    • Date: 1856
  • Map

    Map of the Springfield & Deep Run estates on the Coal Lands o...

    Outline map of southeastern Virginia showing railroad connections in Richmond, Petersburg, and West Point. Indicates the Lynchburgh canal.

    • Contributor: Debow, S. Herries
    • Date: 1856
  • Map

    A map of the Virginia Central Railroad, west of the Blue Ridg...

    Detailed topographic map between Waynesboro and Covington showing relief by hachures, drainage, county roads and turnpikes, railroad lines, and "preliminary lines," county names, and boundaries. Distances are indicated at lower right of map. Consolidated in 1868 into the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. See entry 365. [From published bibliography]

    • Contributor: Citti, L. F.
    • Date: 1860
  • Map

    Map showing the Fredericksburg & Gordonsville Rail Road of Vi...

    Maps of the middle Atlantic states showing relief by hachures, drainage, cities and towns, canals, roads, and railroads, with emphasis on the main lines. Includes a list of distances for "Short Cut to Tide-Water..." Chartered March 1, 1853. Name changed in 1876 to the Potomac, Fredericksburg, and Piedmonth Railroad. See entry 541.

    • Contributor: G.W. & C. Colton & Co. - Fredericksburg and Gordonsville Railroad
    • Date: 1869
  • Map

    Map of Royal Land Company's railroad (narrow gauge) from thei...

    Shows central Virginia from the Allegheny Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay. Relief shown by form lines. Pencil (some col.) on tracing paper, mounted on cloth. LC Civil War maps (2nd ed.) H267 LC Railroad maps, 549 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Vault

    • Contributor: Braxton, Carter M. - Royal Land Company
    • Date: 187?
  • Map

    Route of the New River R.R., 188-.

    Sketch map of part of West Virginia. Dashed red line across the map indicates the "Proposed New River R.R." Shows counties and names the line of railroads.

    • Contributor: Hotchkiss, Jedediah - New River Railroad Company
    • Date: 188?
  • Map

    Maps showing the Norfolk, Albermarle & Atlantic Railroad and ...

    Main map shows southern tidewater Virginia and eastern North Carolina. Indicates drainage, cities and towns, counties, canals, and railroads in blue and red.

    • Contributor: G.W. & C. Colton & Co. - Norfolk, Albermarle, and Atlantic Railroad
    • Date: 1891
  • Map

    Map of the routes examined and surveyed for the Winchester an...

    Topographic map surveyed in strips along the railroad routes. Shows property owners and covers an area between the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers to Winchester. Includes table showing "a summary of the routes surveyed for the Winchester and Potomac Rail Road, State of Virginia."

    • Contributor: Humphreys, A. A. (andrew Atkinson) - Winchester and Potomac Railroad Company - Humphreys, A. A.
    • Date: 1831
  • Map

    Potomac, Fredericksburg, & Piedmont R.R. from Fredg., to O.C....

    Sketch map of part of Virginia from Fredericksburg to Orange Court House. Shows relief by form lines, drainage, cities and towns, and the line of survey in red. Chartered as the Fredericksburg and Gordonsville Rail Road. See entry 412.

    • Contributor: Hotchkiss, Jedediah - Potomac, Fredericksburg, and Piedmont Railroad
    • Date: 1876
  • Map

    Map showing the West Virginia Midland Railway and its connect...

    Map of West Virginia showing relief by hachures, drainage, cities and towns, and the railroad network with emphasis on the main line.

    • Contributor: G.W. & C. Colton & Co. - West Virginia Midland Railroad
    • Date: 1883
  • Map

    Map showing the Albemarle & Pantego Railroad and its connecti...

    Map of the coastal regions of Virginia and North Carolina showing drainage, counties, cities and towns, and mills; main railroads in heavy lines.

    • Contributor: G.W. & C. Colton & Co. - Albemarle and Pantego Railroad
    • Date: 1887