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Collection The Library of Congress Celebrates the Songs of America

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    The United States Needs Prayer, Everywhere

    sound recording | 1 disc. | Sung by Lulu Morris and members of the congregation of the African Methodist Church, Tupelo, Mississippi. (Venue). John and Ruby Lomax Southern Recording Trip 1939 Collection (Source Note). She says that it was composed by Sister McCreasy McKissick. Recorded by Herbert Halpert, May 1939 (Date). Sound Recording (Form).

    • Contributor: Morris, Lulu - Halpert, Herbert - McKissick, McCreasy
  • Book

    Songs of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl Migrants

    "I'm Going Down this Road Feeling Bad," is a traditional song that may date from an earlier period, but that expresses sentiments surely felt by displaced workers during the Great Depression. In this presentation there are versions sung by Warde Ford, who traveled to Wisconsin to California to find work with the CCC and by Dust Bowl migrants Ruth Huber and Lois ...

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    Printable Timeline - The Library of Congress Celebrates the Songs of America - Digital Collections

    1900 Songs of America Amy Marcy Cheney Beach sets to music Three Browning Songs, including "Ah, Love, But a Day and "The Year's at the Spring." John Rosamond Johnson writes the anthem "Lift Every Voice and Sing" to lyrics by James Weldon Johnson. The King Family performs the traditional dance song "Cripple Creek" on string band instruments: banjo, mandolin, guitar, fiddle, and bass fiddle. ...