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From "Vitebsk: Study on a Jewish Theme for Piano, Violin and Violoncello" to "Vocalise-Étud" (2 works)

Vitebsk: Study on a Jewish Theme for Piano, Violin and Violoncello
Principle medium: Chamber music
Other medium: Piano; Violin; Folk music
Date: 1929
First performance: 16 February 1929. New York: Walter Gieseking, Adolphe Onnou, Robert Maas
Timing: 11'
Dedication: "to Roy Harris."
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Form: Voice and piano
Date: 1928
Text: vocalise
First performance: 11 October, 1935. New York. Ethel Luening, soprano; Aaron Copland, piano
Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
Date of publication: 1929
Timing: 4'
Notes: This is one of a series of Vocalises-Études commissioned by A.L. Hettich, teacher at the Paris Conservatoire. The best-known of these is the Ravel Étude in forme de habanera.
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