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Collection Alan Lomax Collection of Michigan and Wisconsin Recordings

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"Michigan-I-O": Alan Lomax and the 1938 Library of Congress Folk-Song Expedition
By Todd Harvey
Published by Dust to Digital External in association with the Library of Congress. Enhanced e-book with illustrations, audio tracks, and film clips.
ISBN: 978-0-8444-9567-5


The Library of Congress is presenting a series of twenty-one podcasts under the broad title, Alan Lomax and the Soundscapes of the Upper Midwest 75th anniversary of the Library of Congress Folk-Song Expedition to Michigan. The series highlights various aspects of Alan Lomax's 1938 Michigan recordings, especially the ethnic diversity of the musicians and collectors he documented. Individual podcasts focus on such topics as "Songs and Tales of the Michigan Lumberjacks," "The Cantor Fredrickson in Calumet," and "Joe Cloud, Ojibwe Fiddler."

Traveling Exhibit and Multimedia Performance

The Michigan State University Museum is coordinating two special programs that will travel to selected Michigan communities starting in September 2013. The traveling exhibition Michigan Folksong Legacy: Grand Discoveries from the Great Depression External brings Alan Lomax's 1938 field trip to life through words, song lyrics, photographs, and sound recordings. The exhibit explores this ground-breaking collection of Michigan folk music and what it reveals about Michigan history and culture. The multimedia performance event Folksongs from "Michigan-I-O" combines live performance with historic images, color movie footage, and recorded sound from the Great Depression. Some of these materials haven't been heard or seen by the general public for more than seven decades.