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Collection Alexander Hamilton Stephens Papers


  • 1812, Feb. 11

    Born near Crawfordsville, Wilkes County (now Taliaferro County), Ga., the son of Andrew B. Stephens (d. 1826) and Margaret Grier (d. 1812).

  • 1826, May

    Orphaned by death of father and step-mother Matilda Lindsey

  • 1827

    Added middle name “Hamilton” in honor of patron, Alexander Hamilton Webster

  • 1832

    Graduated, University of Georgia (then Franklin College), Athens, Ga.

  • 1834

    Admitted to the bar, Crawfordsville, Ga.

  • 1836-1842

    Served in the Georgia house and senate

  • 1843-1859

    Served in U.S. House of Representatives

  • 1845

    Purchased “Liberty Hall,” Crawfordville, Ga.

  • 1850

    Given Rio (d. March 1863), his beloved Spanish poodle

  • 1861

    Member, Georgia secession convention; argued against secession

  • 1861, Mar. 21

    Delivered famous “Cornerstone Speech” in Savannah, Ga.

  • 1861-1865

    Vice president, Confederate States of America

  • 1863, July

    Unsuccessful mission to negotiate prisoner-of-war exchange cartel

  • 1865, Feb. 3

    Led Confederate delegation at unsuccessful peace conference with President Abraham Lincoln and Secretary of State William Seward at Hampton Roads, Va.

  • 1865, May-Oct.

    Confined at Fort Warren in Boston Harbor, Boston, Mass.

  • 1866

    Elected U.S. senator from Georgia, but did not present his credentials

  • 1868-1870

    Published Constitutional View of the Late War Between the States

  • 1871-1873

    Part owner and political editor of the Atlanta Sun

  • 1873, Jan.

    Unsuccessful candidate for U.S. Senate

  • 1873-1882

    Served in U.S. House of Representatives

  • 1882-1883

    Governor of Georgia

  • 1883, Mar. 4

    Died, Atlanta, Ga.

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