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  • Collection Highlights Galleries include featured political cartoons, election tickets, copies of the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln's letters, protraits of Lincoln, broadsides and photographs, newspapers and ephemera, papers from Lincoln's law practice, as well as physical artifacts.
  • 360 Degree Views of Artifacts This special presentations allow you to rotate these selected objects 360 degrees to get a complete view not available in 2-D images. Flash required.
  • Catalog of the Stern Collection The general purpose of this catalog is to acquaint scholars, collectors, and the public with the content of the notable collection of Lincolniana amassed over a 35-year period by Mr. Alfred Whital Stern. Originally deposited in the Library of Congress in 1951, Stern formally presented his collection to the Library in 1953.
  • Stern's Gift of Lincolniana to the Nation At the end of 1847, a newly elected member of the House of Representatives from Illinois departed the east side of the United States Capitol in search of living quarters. Crossing the intersection of First Street and Independence Avenue, he happened upon a boardinghouse under the proprietorship of Ann Sprigg. Finding the accommodations satisfactory, he made the necessary arrangements with Mrs. Sprigg to make...