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Collection The Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana

Catalog of the Stern Collection

The general purpose of this catalog is to acquaint scholars, collectors, and the public with the content of the notable collection of Lincolniana amassed over a 35-year period by Mr. Alfred Whital Stern. Originally deposited in the Library of Congress in 1951, Stern formally presented his collection to the Library in 1953.

A Catalog of the Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana in the Library of Congress

This catalog represents the collection as it was constituted in September 1958. The major categories are:

  • Works by Lincoln
  • Writings about Lincoln and other subjects—monographs, pamphlets, and serials, in Alphabetical order by author and title.
  • Broadsides—arranged chronologically with undated items at the end of the section.
  • Sheet music—in alphabetical order by composer or arranger.
  • Prints, cartoons, maps, and drawings—arranged chronologically.
  • Newspapers—arranged alphabetically by arranged by title.
  • Autograph letters—arranged chronologically.
  • Leonard Volk materials on sculpture.
  • Merwin Collection, (items from Merwin integrated into the Stern Collection)—chiefly autograph letters arranged by original correspondent
  • Coins
  • Other ephemera, grouped into prospectuses, mimeographed addresses, programs, proofs, Lincoln associations, etc.
  • Medals, plaques, and sculpture.
Page from the Stern collection catalog.

Digitization of this catalog allows one to study the ordered categories of this printed catalog to locate material as well as browse the online collection by keyword, titles, author and subject. Titles in this catalog are used verbatim in the online presentation. Information such as the printed catalog's numbering system and notes are available in the online records by searching the ‘Call Number/Locator' and ‘Notes' field.

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