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  1. 1901, Dec. 22

    Born, Abram Naumovich Kostelyanets, Saint Petersburg, Russia

  2. 1907

    Began private piano lessons

  3. 1917

    Remained alone in Petrograd taking private music lessons after mother and siblings moved to Kislovodsk following the Kerensky revolution and father moved to Helsinki following the Bolshevik revolution

  4. 1918

    Joined mother, brother, and sisters in Kislovodsk; became rehearsal pianist, Kislovodsk Opera

  5. 1920- 1922

    Returned to Petrograd; studied at Petrograd Conservatory; served as chorus master and coach at the Petrograd Grand Opera House

  6. 1922

    Emigrated to United States, rejoining family in New York City

  7. 1927

    Composed Lake Louise for solo harp

  8. 1928

    Became naturalized United States citizen

  9. 1928

    Conductor, WABC radio

  10. 1930

    Assistant to Howard Barlow, Columbia Broadcasting System

  11. 1931, Feb. 8-1933 Jun.

    Conductor on a series of short-run radio programs including Snowdrift Melodies sponsored by Southern Cotton Oil

  12. 1932-1934

    Conductor, Pontiac radio program with comedians Stoopnagle and Budd

  13. 1933, Jan. 3-Jun. 6

    Conductor, Threads of Happiness radio program sponsored by O. N. T. Clark Thread

  14. 1933, Jul. 10- Oct.2

    Conductor, Andre Kostelanetz Presents radio program

  15. 1933, Dec.-1934, Feb.

    Conductor, Buick radio program

  16. 1934

    Met soprano Lily Pons during rehearsals for Chesterfield Presents program

  17. 1934-1935, 1939

    Recorded six 78s for RCA Victor

  18. 1934, Apr. 2-1938, Jun. 22

    Conductor, Chesterfield Presents radio broadcasts

  19. 1935-1937, 1940-1941

    Served as conductor (I Dream Too Much, Melodies on Parade, and That Girl From Paris), musical director (Hitting a New High and Western Daze), and performer (Artists & Models and Music in My Heart) in films for Columbia, Paramount, and RKO Pictures. Lily Pons starred in Hitting a New High, I Dream Too Much, and That Girl From Paris

  20. 1937-1938

    Recorded six 78s on the Brunswick label; three with Lily Pons

  21. 1938, Jun. 2

    Married Lily Pons in Silvermine, Connecticut (divorced 1958)

  22. 1939, Jan. 12-1940, Jun. 24

    Conductor, Tune-up Time sponsored by Ethyl Gasoline

  23. 1939, Jun. 5

    Awarded an honorary doctor of music by Albion College, Albion, Michigan

  24. 1939, July 17

    Conducted the New York Philharmonic in his first concert with a major symphony orchestra as part of Lewisohn Stadium outdoor concert series; he would conduct annually at this venue through 1955

  25. 1939-1979

    Recorded with Columbia Records; issued 215 albums over this period; first release was Highlights from Porgy and Bess. Beginning in December 1953 albums included re-releases of earlier Kostelanetz recordings first issued on 78

  26. 1940, Oct. 8-1944, Dec. 10

    Conductor, The Pause that Refreshes on the Air radio broadcasts sponsored by Coca-Cola; off-air during May-August 1944 while on first USO tour

  27. 1941

    Commissioned Aaron Copland, Jerome Kern, and Virgil Thomson to compose Portraits of Great Americans

  28. 1942, May 14

    Premiere of Portraits of Great Americans: Lincoln Portrait, by Copland; Portrait for Orchestra (Mark Twain), by Kern; and Mayor LaGuardia Waltzes, by Thomson with Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

  29. 1943, Oct. 14

    Premiere of Paul Creston's Frontiers with Toronto Symphony Orchestra

  30. 1944, May-Aug., Dec. 10-1945, Mar 25

    Conducted over 100 concerts on two tours with United Service Organization (U.S.O.) in the Middle East, North Africa, China, Burma, India, and Europe

  31. 1945, Jun. 7

    Awarded honorary doctor of music by Cincinnati Conservatory of Music 

  32. 1945, Sep. 6-1946, May 30

    Conductor, Music Millions Love radio broadcasts, sponsored by Chrysler

  33. 1949

    Commissioned Ogden Nash to write words to accompany Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals

  34. 1953

    Began the "Special Saturday Night" non-subscription concert series with the New York Philharmonic-Symphony Society; first performances held at Carnegie Hall

  35. 1955, July 4

    Premiere of Ferde Grofé's Hudson River Suite with National Symphony Orchestra (Washington, DC)

  36. 1956, Oct. 26

    Premiere of William Schuman's New England Triptych with University of Miami Symphony Orchestra

  37. 1960, Feb. 8

    Inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame for recording activity (star at 6542 Hollywood Blvd.)

  38. 1960, Aug. 1

    Married Sara Gene Orcutt, in Honolulu, Hawaii (divorced 1969)

  39. 1963, May 29-1978

    Conducted first Promenades concert with the New York Philharmonic;  runs 15 years

  40. 1965

    Received Gold Record award from the Recording Industry Association of America for his album Wonderland of Golden Hits

  41. 1965, Mar. 3

    First New York performance of Alan Hovhaness's Floating World (Ukiyo)Ballade for Orchestra with New York Philharmonic

  42. 1966

    Release of Images in Flight by Paul Creston, Henry Cowell, and Alan Hovhaness commissioned for Eastern Airlines

  43. 1967, Jun. 2

    World premiere of Alan Hovhaness's To Vishnu (Symphony No. 19) with New York Philharmonic

  44. 1967, Jun. 12

    World premiere of Ezra Laderman and Archibald MacLeish's Magic Prison with New York Philharmonic

  45. 1970, Jun. 11

    World premiere of Alan Hovhaness's and God created great whales with New York Philharmonic

  46. 1979-Dec. 4-6

    Last Columbia recording session; album Kostelanetz released posthumously in July 1980

  47. 1979, Dec. 31

    Conducted San Francisco Symphony Orchestra in his last performance

  48. 1980, Jan. 13

    Died, Port-au-Prince, Haiti