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Collection Anna E. Dickinson Papers


A chronology of key events in the life of Anna E. Dickinson (1842-1932), lecturer, reformer, actress, and author.

  • 1842, Oct. 28

    Born, Philadelphia, Pa.

  • 1859-1860

    Taught school

  • 1861

    Delivered her first full-length lecture, Concert Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.
    Employee, United States Mint, Philadelphia, Pa.

  • 1862

    Spoke in New England at invitation of William Lloyd Garrison

  • 1863

    Campaigned for the Republican Party in Mid-Atlantic states and New England

  • 1865-1875

    National lyceum movement lecturer

  • 1868

    Published What Answer? (Boston: Ticknor and Fields. 301pp.)

  • 1869

    Traveled to California on the transcontinental railroad

  • 1872

    Campaigned for Horace Greeley for president

  • 1876

    Debut at New Globe Theatre, Boston, Mass.

  • 1879

    Published A Ragged Register of People, Places and Opinions (New York: Harper & Brothers. 286pp.)

  • 1888

    Campaigned for the Republican Party in the Midwest

  • 1891

    Committed to State Hospital for the Insane, Danville, Pa.

  • 1895-1901

    Waged libel suits against authorities responsible for her commitment to a hospital for the insane

  • 1895-1932

    Lived with George and Sallie Ackley, Goshen, N.Y.

  • 1932, Oct. 22

    Died, Goshen, N.Y.

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