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Collection Anna E. Dickinson Papers


A chronology of key events in the life of Anna E. Dickinson (1842-1932), lecturer, reformer, actress, and author.

Anna E. Dickinson (1842-1932)

  1. 1842, Oct. 28

    Born, Philadelphia, Pa.
  2. 1859-1860

    Taught school
  3. 1861

    Delivered her first full-length lecture, Concert Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.

    Employee, United States Mint, Philadelphia, Pa.
  4. 1862

    Spoke in New England at invitation of William Lloyd Garrison
  5. 1863

    Campaigned for the Republican Party in Mid-Atlantic states and New England
  6. 1865-1875

    National lyceum movement lecturer
  7. 1868

    Published What Answer? (Boston: Ticknor and Fields. 301pp.)
  8. 1869

    Traveled to California on the transcontinental railroad
  9. 1872

    Campaigned for Horace Greeley for president
  10. 1876

    Debut at New Globe Theatre, Boston, Mass.
  11. 1879

    Published A Ragged Register of People, Places and Opinions (New York: Harper & Brothers. 286pp.)
  12. 1888

    Campaigned for the Republican Party in the Midwest
  13. 1891

    Committed to State Hospital for the Insane, Danville, Pa.
  14. 1895-1901

    Waged libel suits against authorities responsible for her commitment to a hospital for the insane
  15. 1895-1932

    Lived with George and Sallie Ackley, Goshen, N.Y.
  16. 1932, Oct. 22

    Died, Goshen, N.Y.