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  • Book/Printed Material
    Tsaghik gitutʻeantsʻ "Aghēkʻsandr Ghazarean Tʻahireantsʻ"--Label on p. [2] of cover. "Biblioteka Instituta Kavkazovedenii︠a︡ Akademii Nauk SSSR"--T.p. stamp. "Haṛajnordutʻean Teaṛn Hōhannu aṛakʻelapatiw Srbazan Arkʻiepiskoposi Arameantsʻ Ṛusastaneaytsʻ." "Hramanaw Kʻsapeak. Srbaznakatar Katʻughikosi amenayn Hayotsʻ, ew Tsayragoyn Hayrapeti lusankar Srbotsʻ Gahin Ējmiatsni Teaṛn Epʻremay Aṛajnoy." "I pēts dprotsʻatsʻ Hayastaneaytsʻ." "Nersisean hogewor dp[-----]"--T.p. stamp "Zardareal 52 patkerōkʻ." Woodcuts: ill., initials.

  • Periodical
    Ōratsʻoytsʻ Annual Description based on: 1861; title from cover. Latest issue consulted: 1868.

  • Periodical
    Ōratsʻoytsʻ ew gushakutʻiwn ōdotsʻ
    Annual Description based on: 1848. Latest issue consulted: 1869.

  • Periodical
    Ōratsʻoytsʻ Annual Description based on: 6. tari (1884). Latest issue consulted: 7. tari (1885).

  • Periodical
    Ōratsʻoytsʻ Annual Description based on: 14. tari (1873).

  • Periodical
    Haykazean ōratsʻoytsʻ ew lusnatsʻoytsʻ Annual Description based on: 1866.

  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    [Vasn erkutsʻ ... ] [Other physical details, binding] [Physical description] [Place of writing] [Statement of responsibility] Caption title. Gift of "Miss Alice Adanalian, Dec. 28, 1978." Illlustrations: initials. Manuscript Notagir. Armenian.
    • Contributor: Ortelius, Abraham - Yovhannēs
    • Date: 17??
    • Resource: - 402 pages

  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Dzeṛnaznnutʻiwn bnakan [State of responsibility] Asia Minor Books. Binding: cardboard with spine covered by leather strip Drawings in red ink; with captions written in black ink. Istanbul, Turkey. Manuscript Paper. Text block: single column: 10.4 x 15 cm Tite from title page Writing style: black bolorgir; chapter titles in red ink. In Armenian.
    • Contributor: Pērpērean, Awetis
    • Date: 1834
    • Resource: - 54 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    [Dzayn aṛ baghdzalin ...]
    Girkʻ parapmantsʻ Srboyn Kiwrghi Episkoposi Aghekʻsandru Hayrapeti Haghags Mardanaloy Miatsnin
    The Armenian alphabet was created in about 406. Translations of biblical and religious texts began almost immediately thereafter. Presented here is an early 18th century printed edition of a compilation of translations from the Greek in a volume entitled A Cry to the Desirable One. The most significant translation is of Saint Cyril of Alexandria's Concerning the Incarnation of the Only-Begotten. The volume also...
    • Contributor: Cyril - Grigor - Athanasius
    • Date: 1717
    • Resource: - 809 pages

  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    [Saghmosagirkʻ] Illustrations: pen-drawn decorations; some Psalms have decorated first initials. Initial page damaged and head of title not readable. Ink: red, black. Leather clasps with metal rings and posts added to the binding. Manuscript text. Notragir; some verses have larger, rubricized initials; 16 lines in written area 7 x 12 cm. Oriental cream-colored laid paper with vertical chain lines. Prayers on leaves 216-239 are written...

  • Book/Printed Material
    Parzabanutʻiwn Saghmosatsʻn Dawtiʻ Margarēin : zhoghovatseal i zanazanitsʻ matenitsʻ vardapetatsʻ ekeghetsʻwoy, ew tʻargmanetsʻeal Presented here is a printed edition in Armenian, dating from 1687, of the Commentaries on the Psalms of the Prophet David by Saint John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople (died 407). The Psalms and commentaries on them were produced in Armenian in numerous manuscript editions, which were followed by the production of many print editions after 1512, when Armenian printing and publishing began in Venice....

  • Book/Printed Material
    Meknutʻiwn Srbotsʻ Erkotasan Margarēitsʻ
    • Contributor: Nerses - Narinean, Andrēas
    • Date: 1826
    • Resource: - 315 pages

  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Patmutʻiwn varutsʻ Eranelwoyn Yōhannu Awetaranchʻin
    Varkʻ Sěrboyn Yōhannu Awetaranchʻin
    Artist and scribe Yōhannes is described as Pekghozetsʻi; that is from Pekghoz [Beykoz], an Anatolian suburb of Istanbul, Turkey. Binding: fine goat skin; paste board; gilt and paint; medallion gold tooled and gold painted with inlay. Endpapers followed by 3 leaves and one tip in; 8 quires of 10 leaves tip in; 5 leaves. Gold painted edges with a zigzag design that partially mimics...
    • Contributor: Pōghos - Mamoulian, Rouben - Mamoulian, Azadia - Yōhannēs, Pekghozetsʻi
    • Date: 1765
    • Resource: - 194 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    Atsashunchʻ. Girkʻ Hnotsʻ ew Norotsʻ Ktakaranatsʻ : sharakargutʻeamb nakhneatsʻn merotsʻ ev chshmartasiratsʻ tʻargmanchʻatsʻ
    Astuatsashunchʻ Girkʻ Hnotsʻ ew Norotsʻ Ktakaranatsʻ
    In 1717 a young Armenian Catholic priest, Mekhitar Sebastatsi (Mekhitar of Sebastia [present-day Sivas, Turkey], 1676-1749), founded a Benedictine Armenian Catholic Monastery on the island of San Lazzaro in Venice. Dedicated to the education and enlightenment of his people and devoted to his religion, Mekhitar wrote and published several works that became sources of inspiration and intellectual renewal throughout the centuries that followed. The...

  • Book/Printed Material
    Astuatsashownchʻ Girkʻ Hin ew Nor Ktakaranatsʻ New Testament has separate t.p.

  • Book/Printed Material
    A[stua]tsashunchʻ. Hnotsʻ ew Norotsʻ Ktakaranatsʻ ner parunakōgh sharakargutʻeamb nakhneatsʻn meroy ew chshmartasiratsʻ tʻargmanchʻatsʻ
    Atsuatsashunchʻ Hnotsʻ ew Norotsʻ Ktakaranatsʻ ner parunakōgh sharakargutʻeamb nakhneatsʻn meroy ew chshmartasiratsʻ tʻargmanchʻatsʻ
    The Oskan Bible of 1666 is the first complete printed Bible in Armenian. It takes its name from Oskan Erewants'i (Oskan of Yerevan, 1614-74), an expatriate from Armenia who, with the help of wealthy Armenian patrons, founded an influential and important press in Amsterdam for the purpose of printing books in his native language. The books produced by the press were intended mainly for...

  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    [Five illuminated leaves from an Armenian Gospels book with some text] Ink: black, red, green, blue, purple-red. Manuscript illuminations and texts. Vellum.
    • Date: 16??
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    [Four Gospels] This Gospel book is the earliest of the Armenian manuscripts in the collections of Library of Congress. It contains the text of the Gospels, copied in the year 770 of the Armenian era (1321) by Nerses the Abbot in Jerusalem. The manuscript is unadorned except for headpieces at the start of each Gospel and decorative devices in the margins, all in red, black, and...
    • Contributor: Pʻillipos - Bush, Caroline E. - Minasean, Khachʻatur H. - Foster, Henry - Kirakos - Nersēs
    • Date: 1321
    • Resource: - 583 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    [Four gospels] In Armenian. Binding (not original): stamped brown goat's leather over boards; two leather clasps with holes by which to hook nails on page one of cover. Illustrations: pen-drawn decorations; initials. Carbon ink. Colors: black, blue, green. Manuscript text. Text in 2 columns: 7.5 cm. x 2.5 cm. "Ard yishetsʻēkʻ zbaremit ewzhezahogi ěz[ ] Melikʻsētʻ ... "--Colophon. "Armenian MSS. 6006"--Cover of box. Also available in...
    • Contributor: Melikʻsēt
    • Date: 1683-01-01

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  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Zays dzeṛagir awetaran [Four Gospels in Armenian] [Illustrative matter] [Other physical details, binding] [Physical description] [Place of writing] [Source of acquisition] [Source of title] [State of responsibility] [Style of writing] Manuscript Armenian.

  • Book/Printed Material
    Meknutʻiwn Aghōtʻitsʻ ew Nerboghinatsʻ Srboyn Grigori Narekatsʻwoy hreshtakakan vardapeti Saint Gregory of Narek (also called Grigor Narekatsi) was born in the city of Narek (in present-day Turkey) in 951. He became a priest at the age of 25 and lived almost all of his life in the monastery of Narek where he taught at the monastic school. His writings include a Commentary on the Song of Songs (also known as the Song of...

  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Hmayil (Armenian prayer scroll) number 2.
    Armenian prayer scroll number 2
    Hmayils (phylacteries, or prayer scrolls) in the form of highly decorated and illuminated scrolls came into use in Armenia in the 17th century. These manuscripts contained sermons, magical formulas, and prayers to avoid all kinds of dangers--especially to ward off dews (demons). Printed editions, such as this example, were devoted to prayers, Gospel readings, and sermons. Designed for domestic use and for travel, the...
    • Contributor: Ateshian, Aram
    • Date: 18??
    • Resource: - 18 pages

  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    [Kanongirkʻ] [Physical description] [Place of writing] [Source of acquisition] [Source of title] [State of responsibility] Initials rubricized. Manuscript Notagir. Original binding: leather on wood; rebound with leather on wood. Armenian.
    • Contributor: Armenian Church
    • Date: 1801
    • Resource: - 128 pages

  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    [Missal for the Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Apostolic Church] "Dzeramb Meghapart Marzvantsʻu Tēr Eghiay Eritsʻu skhal banitsʻ kam amotʻu zdzer otatsʻn hoghew pʻoshi chʻem arzhani zanuns yisheal"--Colophon. Amasya İli (Turkey). Bolorgir, black and read ink; Illustrations: pen-drawn decorations; chapters have decorated first initials. Columns: text in two columns has 22 lines: 6.5x29.5 cm.; borders are ruled in several line and in several colors. Leaf one has an illustration of the Crucifixion. Leaf two...
    • Contributor: Armenian Church - Eghia
    • Date: 1722
    • Resource: - 48 pages

  • Book/Printed Material
    Sharaknotsʻ erazhshtakan ergetsʻmunkʻ hogeworakankʻ : A[stua]tsaynotsʻ ew erjankatsʻ srbotsʻ vardapetatsʻ, Hayotsʻ Tʻargmanchʻatsʻ ; Zkargaworutʻi[wn]s ekeghetsʻwoy vayelchʻatsʻutsʻanoghatsʻ This Sharaknots' (hymnal) published in 1712 reproduces engravings from an earlier Sharaknots' that was produced by the bishop and printer Oskan Erevants'i (Oskan of Yerevan, 1614-74) at his shop in Amsterdam. Khaz (musical notations) are shown. One new engraving, of Saint Hripsime (died 304), is included in this edition and can be seen on page 405 of the book (page 413 of this presentation)....
    • Contributor: Armenian Church
    • Date: 1712
    • Resource: - 745 pages