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Collection Blair Family Papers

Informal Names Used in Correspondence

Initials and Informal Blair Family Names

Members of the extended Blair family were often referred to in correspondence by one or more nicknames or initials. This list may help researchers in deciphering some of the initials and informal names used within the family.

Initials or Informal Name Full Name
Al Albert Covington Janin
Alice Alice Bradley (reared by Charles Levi Woodbury)
Apo Apolline (Alexander) Blair
Arch Archibald Lowery
Aunt Trigg Susannah Blair (sister of Francis Preston Blair)
Betty Elizabeth (Blair) Comstock
Blee Francis Preston Blair Lee
Clew Charles Levi Woodbury
Cousin Mary Mary Jane Emerson Clapp
EBL Elizabeth (Blair) Lee (see also Lizzie)
ECdQW Ellen Carolina de Quincy Woodbury (see also Nell)
E. Jane Eliza Jane (Blair) Speer
EVG Eliza Violet Howard Gist
EWC Elizabeth Williams (Clapp) Woodbury
Flinders Virginia Lafayette (Woodbury) Fox (see also Ginny, Pettie, Sam)
FPB Francis Preston Blair
Frank Frances Anstriss (Woodbury) Lowery (see also FWL)
Frank Francis P. Blair
FWL Frances Anstriss (Woodbury) Lowery (also Frank)
GB Gist Blair
Ginny Virginia Lafayette (Woodbury) Fox (also Flinders, Pettie, Sam)
Ginny Virginia Woodbury (Lowery) Brunetti
GVF Gustavus Vasa Fox
Jack Brunetti, Duke of Arcos
James James Blair (see also JB)
JB James Blair (see also James)
Jep Jesup Blair
Jimmie Lucy James Blair
Judge Montgomery Blair
Lizzie Elizabeth (Blair) Lee (see also EBL)
Lizzie Mary Elizabeth (Woodbury) Blair (used until marriage, 1846) (see also MEB, Minna)
LLE Laura (Lawson) Ellis Blair
LOW Woodbury Lowery
LW Levi Woodbury
Mary Mary Serena Eliza (Jesup) Blair
MB Montgomery Blair
MEB Mary Elizabeth (Woodbury) Blair (see also Minna)
Midge Mira Alexander Dick
Min Minna (Blair) Richey (see also Minta)
Minna Mary Elizabeth (Woodbury) Blair (see also MEB)
Minta Minna (Blair) Richey (see also Min)
Mont Montgomery Blair, Jr.
Nan Anne Clymer Brooke Lee
Nell Ellen Carolina de Quincy Woodbury (see also ECdQW)
Pettie Virginia Lafayette (Woodbury) Fox (see also Ginny, Sam, Flinders)
Phil Samuel Phillips Lee
Sam Virginia Lafayette (Woodbury) Fox (see also Ginny, Pettie, Flinders)
SPL Samuel Phillips Lee
Uncle William Asa Henry William Clapp
VB Violet Blair
Wood Woodbury Blair