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Collection Bosnian Political and Social Issues Web Archive

About this Collection

The Bosnian Political and Social Issues Web Archive is comprised of sites that address political and social issues and inform public policy. Content includes websites of Bosnian-Herzegovinian political parties, non-governmental organizations, voluntary associations, and think tanks. The selection of websites represents a diversity of organizations from a vast array of political stances and viewpoints on topics such as the development of civil society, liberal democracy, peacebuilding, corruption, economic inequality, human and minority rights, marginalization of certain groups, and freedom of the press. This collection includes content from both the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska.

Prominent examples include the the Atlantic Initiative, a non-governmental, non-profit research center focused on public debate over Bosnia's possible accession into the EU and NATO; Sarajevski Otvoreni Centar, a not-for-profit independent feminist and LGBTI civil society organization; Međureligijsko vijeće u Bosni i Hercegovini, a non-governmental organization that strives to build civil society by means of interreligious dialog. Political parties also are represented with sites for the NES-People's European Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina; SDA-Party of Democratic Action; SBB-Union for a Better Future; DNS-Demokratski narodni savez; Socialist Party; Narod i Pravda; and Naša stranka, among others.

It is recommended that this collection be used in tandem with the physical collection of newspapers and periodicals available in the B/C/S language and in English held in the Library of Congress collections. For Bosnia and Herzegovina governmental sites, visit the East European Government Ministries Web Archive.

Collection Period: November 2019 to present (this is an ongoing archive).

Frequency of Collection: Sites in the collection were added to crawl on a monthly or quarterly basis, with fewer added to crawl once.

Languages: Collection material in Bosnian, with English, Serbian, and Croatian.

Acquisition Information: Sites have been added incrementally since the project began and will continue to be added as they are identified.