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  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    Le Destin molestant les Anglois 1 print : etching and engraving. | Print shows the Comte d'Estaing presenting a palm frond to America, a Native wearing feathered headdress and skirt and holding a staff topped with a liberty cap and who is seated on a throne of bales and barrels of produce destined for France; above the scene Fame trumpets the success of d'Estaing who is shown wearing armor...
    • Date: 1779
  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    Mal lui veut mal lui tourne dit le Bon Homme Richard - sujet mémorable des révolutions de l'univers
    A picturesque view of the state of the nation for February 1778
    1 print : etching and engraving. | Cartoon shows a man with feathered cap labeled "Ameriquain" (representing America) cutting the horns off a cow labeled "Commerce d'Angleterre" (representing British commerce) which is being milked by a Dutchman labeled "Hollandois," two men labeled "Francois" and "Espagnol" (representing France and Spain) are standing toward the rear of the cow holding bowls of milk. In the foreground,...
    • Date: 1778
  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    Le Boureau 1 print : etching, hand-colored. | Cartoon shows George Tierney dressed as an executioner standing next to a guillotine with a crowd of liberty-capped citizens in the background.
    • Contributor: Gillray, James
    • Date: 1798
  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    Represantant d'une grande nation 1 print : aquatint, colour with small applications of gold leaf. | "A grotesque monster, nude and hairy, representing the Constitution of the Year III, stands against the trunk of L'Arbre de Liberté (right) with upraised hands. The tree, Emblême de l'Arbre de Connoissance, has withered branches in which fantastic serpents are twined. One of these, having a human head and evidently Talleyrand..."...
    • Contributor: Cooke, J.
    • Date: 1799
  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    Le grande Bretagne mutilé Das verstümmelte Britanien. 1 print : etching. | Print shows the head and torso of Britannia chained to a hillside, her arms and legs, representing the American colonies, have been cut off and lie on the ground before her; a sailor in chains stands among articles of commerce, and British ships sit idle in the background.
    • Date: 1783
  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    Louis d'Or au soleil 1 print : etching ; 33.2 x 21.6 cm. | Print shows Louis XIV sitting next to a table, head resting on his left elbow which rests on his left knee; he is asleep, though his right hand rests on money bags lying on the table with some loose coins. He wears a Louis d'Or medal and a large, plumed hat. A battle scene...
    • Date: 1705