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Collection Printed Ephemera: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera

Genre Terms

An item printed solely as a means of advertising a product or service, but not an event (See Programs).
Blank forms
Forms that have been printed blank, which may or may not have been filled in; the document was typically meant to be returned to the publisher (e.g., subscription lists, petitions).
Single-sheet notices or announcements printed on one or both sides, intended to be read unfolded.
Simple or descriptive list.
Objects with physical evidence suggesting extraction from a larger entity (e.g., books, newspapers).
Unbound volumes with fewer than five pages.
Items printed solely for use as menus (i.e., a program that includes a dinner's bill of fare has been called a program, not a menu).
Published, non-serial volumes with no cover or with a paper cover; usually five or more pages and fewer than 49.
Printed ephemera
Printed matter of a more general nature, not readily fitting into any other category.
Official or general notices in which the word "proclamation" is used in the heading.
Lists of the events, pieces, performers, speakers, etc., of an entertainment, ceremony, or the like.
Items printed solely for use as timetables (e.g., train schedules).