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Collection Carrie Chapman Catt Papers


A chronology of key events in the life Carrie Chapman Catt, suffragist, political strategist, and pacifist.

Carrie Chapman Catt (1859-1947)

  1. 1859, Jan. 9

    Born, Ripon, Wisconsin
  2. 1880

    Graduated from Iowa Agricultural College (now Iowa State University), Ames, Iowa
  3. 1883-1884

    Superintendent of schools, Mason City, Iowa
  4. 1884

    Married Lee Chapman (died 1886), newspaper editor and publisher
  5. 1890

    Married engineer George Catt (died October 1905)

    Delegate to National American Woman Suffrage Association
  6. 1890-1900

    Worked with organization committee, National American Woman Suffrage Association
  7. 1900-1904

    President, National American Woman Suffrage Association
  8. 1900-1920

    Worked for woman suffrage through an amendment to the U.S. Constitution
  9. 1904-1923

    President, International Woman Suffrage Alliance
  10. 1911-1912

    Made world tour for the suffrage cause
  11. 1915-1920

    Returned to the United States and resumed as president, National
    American Woman Suffrage Association
  12. 1915

    Organized Woman's Peace Party with Jane Addams
  13. 1916

    Devised "Winning Plan" to campaign for suffrage on federal and state levels
  14. 1919

    Helped found the National League of Women Voters
  15. 1923

    Published with Nettie Rogers Shuler Woman Suffrage and Politics (New York: C. Scribner's Sons. 504 pp.)
  16. 1923-1947

    Devoted herself chiefly to the peace movement
  17. 1925-1932

    Helped organize and served as chairman, National Committee on the Cause and Cure of War
  18. 1928

    Death of longtime partner Mary "Mollie" Garrett Hay, with whom Catt lived intermittently before George Catt's death in 1905 and thereafter shared a permanent home
  19. 1947, Mar. 9

    Died, New Rochelle, New York