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Collection Carrie Chapman Catt Papers


A chronology of key events in the life Carrie Chapman Catt, suffragist, political strategist, and pacifist.

  • 1859, Jan. 9

    Born, Ripon, Wisconsin

  • 1880

    Graduated from Iowa Agricultural College (now Iowa State University), Ames, Iowa

  • 1883-1884

    Superintendent of schools, Mason City, Iowa

  • 1884

    Married Lee Chapman (died 1886), newspaper editor and publisher

  • 1890

    Married engineer George Catt (died October 1905)

    Delegate to National American Woman Suffrage Association

  • 1890-1900

    Worked with organization committee, National American Woman Suffrage Association

  • 1900-1904

    President, National American Woman Suffrage Association

  • 1900-1920

    Worked for woman suffrage through an amendment to the U.S. Constitution

  • 1904-1923

    President, International Woman Suffrage Alliance

  • 1911-1912

    Made world tour for the suffrage cause

  • 1915-1920

    Returned to the United States and resumed as president, National
    American Woman Suffrage Association

  • 1915

    Organized Woman's Peace Party with Jane Addams

  • 1916

    Devised "Winning Plan" to campaign for suffrage on federal and state levels

  • 1919

    Helped found the National League of Women Voters

  • 1923

    Published with Nettie Rogers Shuler Woman Suffrage and Politics (New York: C. Scribner's Sons. 504 pp.)

  • 1923-1947

    Devoted herself chiefly to the peace movement

  • 1925-1932

    Helped organize and served as chairman, National Committee on the Cause and Cure of War

  • 1928

    Death of longtime partner Mary "Mollie" Garrett Hay, with whom Catt lived intermittently before George Catt's death in 1905 and thereafter shared a permanent home

  • 1947, Mar. 9

    Died, New Rochelle, New York

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