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Collection Charles S. Hamlin Papers


A chronology of key events in the life of lawyer, assistant secretary of the treasury, and governor of the Federal Reserve Board Charles S. Hamlin (1861-1938).

Charles S. Hamlin (1861-1938)

  1. 1861, Aug. 30

    Born, Boston, Mass.
  2. 1883

    A.B., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
  3. 1886

    M.A. and LL.B., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
  4. 1886-1893

    Lawyer, in partnership with Marcus Morton, Boston, Mass.
  5. 1887

    Unsuccessful candidate for the Massachusetts senate
  6. 1888

    Unsuccessful candidate for the Massachusetts senate
  7. 1892

    Unsuccessful candidate for secretary of state of Massachusetts
  8. 1893-1897

    Assistant secretary of the treasury
  9. 1897

    United States special commissioner, convention of Japan, Russia, and United States to negotiate fur-seal fishery controversy

    Chairman, seal conference among Great Britain, Canada, and United States
  10. 1898

    Married Huybertie Lansing Pruyn
  11. 1898-1913

    Lawyer, Boston, Mass.
  12. 1901

    Director, Boston Merchants Association, Boston, Mass.
  13. 1902

    Unsuccessful candidate for governor of Massachusetts
  14. 1902-1903

    Lecturer on United States government, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
  15. 1903

    President, Massachusetts Reform Club

    Member, United States Assay Commission to examine the United States Mint, Philadelphia, Pa
  16. 1904

    Delegate, Democratic National Convention, St. Louis, Mo.
  17. 1906

    Member, Japanese Famine Relief Commission of Massachusetts
  18. 1906-1915

    Member, Committee on Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
  19. 1907-1912

    Arbiter in industrial disputes
  20. 1908

    Supported William Jennings Bryan for president

    Member, United States Commission on Limitation of Armaments
  21. 1910

    Unanimously nominated for Congress, but declined to accept

    Unsuccessful candidate for governor of Massachusetts
  22. 1911

    Chairman of the Assembly, Boston Chamber of Commerce, Boston, Mass.
  23. 1912

    Campaigned for Woodrow Wilson for president
  24. 1913-1914

    Assistant secretary of the treasury
  25. 1914-1936

    Governor, Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C.
  26. 1936-1938

    Special counsel, Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System
  27. 1938, Apr. 25

    Died, Washington, D.C.