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Keyboard controls ( hit Escape to exit )

  • w Move crosshair up.
  • a Move crosshair left.
  • s Move crosshair down.
  • d Move crosshair right.
  • r Reset crosshair position to center.
  • Enter Select targeted point.
  • + Zoom into crosshair position.
  • - Zoom out of crosshair position.
  • Esc Toggle crosshair visibility.
  • i Show controls.

Click on any point to see a list of newspapers.



Reset Map

Returns the map to its default view.

New "Focus" tool

Centers the map view on your search results.


Keyboard Controls

  • Use the W , A , S and D keys to move the crosshair selector.
  • Click Enter to select a point on the map.
  • Click the Esc key to exit.
  • Click the I key to show all keboard controls.

macOS Users

Mac users on the Safari and Mozilla browsers may need to adjust:

System PreferencesKeyboardShortcuts
to ensure the Tab key functions as desired.

Click a point to see newspapers