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    The town of Boston in New England Pictorial map showing buildings. Facsimile. "Engraved from a copy in the possession of Wm. Taylor Esq. and published by George G. Smith, engraver ... Boston, 1835." Redrawn from a copy of State II (1725). "I have examined this plan ... Stephen P. Fuller, surveyor, Boston, July 2d 1835." Original version: [Boston] : Sold by Capt. John Bonner and Willm. Price, [1725]. Oriented with north ...
    • Contributor: Bonner, John - Dewing, Francis - Price, William - Smith, George Girdler - Fuller, Stephen P.
    • Date: 1725
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    To his excellency William Burnet, esqr., this plan of Boston in New England is humbly dedicated by his excellencys most obedient and humble servant Will Burgiss Relief shown pictorially. Shows selected buildings pictorially. Oriented with north toward the lower right. Watermark indecipherable. Wheat & Brun no. 227. Includes index to selected buildings and embellished title cartouche. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Copy imperfect: Soiled, consists of 2 sheets glued together.
    • Contributor: Burgis, William - Johnson, Thos
    • Date: 1728
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    Plan de la Nouvelle Orleans. Relief shown pictorially. Cadastral map. Shows block numbers and location of existing buildings. Pen-and-ink. Mounted on cloth backing. Oriented with northwest at top. Copy annotated in pencil at bottom: 142566. Accompanied by: A list of residents keyed by letter and number in pocket. Xerox, 36 leaves. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Includes list of points of ...
    • Date: 1722
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    Accurater Grundris und Prospect der weltberuhmten Hollandischen Haupt und Handels-Stadt Amsterdam Selected buildings and ships shown pictorially. Index in Dutch. Oriented with north toward the lower right. Includes index to points of interest, index of ramparts, inset panoramic "Prospect der vortresslichen Kauff und Handels Stadt Amsterdam" at bottom, bar "Schale van 3000 amsteldamse voeten", ill., and coats-of-arms. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Copy fold-lined, annotated in ink ...
    • Contributor: Homann Erben (Firm)
    • Date: 1727
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    [Iconografica rappresentatione della inclita città di Venezia consacrata al reggio serenissimo dominio veneto] Shows principal buildings, gardens, foot bridges, etc. Title from illustration in Cassini's Piante e vedute prospettiche di Venezia. Eight sheets pasted together, sectioned, and mounted on cloth. Includes dedication, poem, and ill. In ink on verso of upper right, partially effaced by mounting: Gacca di G. Chiara 25. In ink in lower right corner: Acc. No. 2443 X. In ink on blue bordered label ...
    • Contributor: Ughi, Lodovico - Baroni, Giuseppe
    • Date: 1729
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    Cities and Towns This category includes maps that depict individual buildings to panoramic views of large urban areas. These maps record the evolution of cities illustrating the development and nature of economic activities, educational and religious facilities, parks, street patterns and widths, and transportation systems.
    • Date: 1500

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