Collection Items

  • Map
    Map of Boston in the state of Massachusetts : 1814 Shows wards. Includes inset of Boston Neck and embellished title cartouche. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Copy imperfect: Brittle, soiled, sectioned and mounted on cloth backing.
    • Contributor: Hales, John Groves - Wightman, Thomas
    • Date: 1814
  • Map
    City & county map of New-York : Brooklyn, Williamsburgh, Jersey City & the adjacent waters
    City and county map of New-York
    City street map showing built-up areas, streetcar/railroad lines, river piers (numbered, proprietors identified), municipal wards (numbered), and projected street-system grid to the northern end of Manhattan Island.
    • Contributor: J.H. Colton & Co. - Lyne, James - Fillmore, Millard
    • Date: 1857