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Collection Civil War Glass Negatives and Related Prints

Table of Contents

The following table of contents indicates how Milhollen and Mugridge divided the collection into five major sections and numerous subsections. The catalog records in this electronic edition repeat the name of the section and subsection from the original edition. The numbers listed at the end of each subsection are the photograph numbers that appear in the Time Line for the American Memory versions of this collection and in the MARC 510(c) field in the catalog records.

Section I. The Main Eastern Theater of War
First Bull Run July 1861 1-14
Confederate Winter Quarters 1861-1862 15-25
The Peninsular Campaign May-August, 1862 26-100
Pope's Campaign July-August, 1862 101-125
Antietam September-October, 1862 126-156
Burnside and Hooker November 1862-April 1863 157-184
Gettysburg June-July, 1863 185-209
Meade in Virginia August-November, 1863 210-241
Winter Quarters at Brandy Station December 1863-April 1864 242-285
Grant's Wilderness Campaign May-June, 1864 286-323
The Army of the James June 1864-April 1865 324-353
The Siege of Petersburg June 1864-April 1865 354-452
Fallen Richmond April-June, 1865 453-529
Section II. The Federal Navy, and Seaborne Expeditions against the Atlantic Coast of the Confederacy
The Federal Navy 1861-1865 530-569
Fort Monroe and Hampton, Va. 1864 570-578
Port Royal, S.C. 1861-1862 579-587
Fort Pulaski, Ga. April 1862 588-592
Charleston, S.C. 1863-1865 593-656
Florida 657-661
Fort Fisher, N.C. January 1865 662-669
Section III. The War in the West
Through the Fall of Vicksburg July 1863 670-676
Chattanooga September-November, 1863 677-684
The Siege of Knoxville November-December, 1863 685-687
Sherman in Atlanta September-November, 1864 688-709
Sherman at the Sea December 1864 710-716
Hood before Nashville December 1864 717-723
Section IV. Washington, 1862-1865
The Capital at War 724-751
Alexandria, Va. 752-755
The Defenses of Washington 756-797
The Hospitals 798-808
The U.S. Sanitary and Christian Commissions 809-816
The Assassination of President Lincoln April-July, 1865 817-839
The Grand Review of the Army May 1865 840-854
The Execution of Captain Henry Wirz November 1865 855-858
Artillery 859-863
Miscellany 864-869
Section V. Portraits
Officers of the United States Government 870-878
Officers of the Federal Army 879-1008
Officers of the Federal Navy 1009-1019
Officers of the Confederate States Government 1020-1023
Officers of the Confederate Army and Navy 1024-1047