• Map
    Map of the surveys made for the U.S.M.R.R., 1863 & 4, from Kentucky to east. Tenn. Covers parts of Lincoln, Boyle, and Pulaski counties, Kentucky, showing the proposed route of the military railroad. Roads, towns, houses, names of residents, fences, relief, vegetation, and drainage are indicated along the proposed route. Relief shown by hachures. Pen and ink. Oriented with north toward the upper left. "Office U.S. Engineers, Cincinnati, O. Official: J.H. Simpson, Lt. Col. Eng'rs, U.S. Army." "Annual report of ...
    • Contributor: Clark, W. P.
    • Date: 1864

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  • Map
    [Map of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee.] Shows the southern border of South Carolina, northern border of Georgia, and eastern borders of Alabama and Tennessee, with railroads, towns, forts, prisons, landforms, and waterways.
    • Contributor: Sneden, Robert Knox
    • Date: 1861