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    Divine liturgy of St. Basil with its hymns John E. Gillespie collection of Coptic mass recordings - Coptic liturgy of St. Basil as recorded by the Coptic Institute of Studies in 1967 under the direction of Ragheb Moftah sound recording | 8 sound tape reels: analog, 15 ips, mono.; 10-inch | Congregation Responses: The Institute of Coptic Studies Choir (Performers). Deacon Responses: Sadiq Attallah (Performers). Priests: Father Marcus Girgis of Matai, Father ...
    • Contributor: Girgis, Father Marcus of Matai - Attalah, Sadiq - Gillespie, John E. - Moftah, Ragheb - As-Suryani, Father Shenouda [His Holiness Pope Shenouda Iii] - Father Gregoriuos - Aziz, Father Ibrahim - Institute of Coptic Studies Choir - Coptic Church
    • Date: 1967
  • Book/Printed Material
    Coptic Offices Book. 7 ½ x 5 in. ; 200 p. |
    • Contributor: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge - Woolley, Reginald Maxwell - Coptic Church
    • Date: 1930

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  • Book/Printed Material
    The Coptic Morning Service for the Lord's Day Book. 8 ¾ x 5 ½ in. ; 186 p. | Translated into English by John, Marquis of Bute. (Source Note). Reprint of the 1908 edition: London: Cope and Fenwick, 1908. (Source Note). One of the first English translations of the Coptic liturgy of St. Basil, and the one that Gillespie and, later, Robertson-Wilson based their work on. (General). Courtesy of AMS Press, Inc. ...
    • Contributor: Ams Press, Inc - Bute, John Crichton-Stuart, Marquess of - Coptic Church
    • Date: 1973

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  • Book/Printed Material
    The Rites of the Coptic Church: The Order of Baptism and The Order of Matrimony According to the Use of the Coptic Church Book. 6 x 4 ¼ in.; 80 p. | Translated from Coptic mss by B.T.A. Evetts. (Source Note).
    • Contributor: David Nutt - Evetts, T. A. (Basil Thomas Alfred) - Coptic Church
    • Date: 1888

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  • Notated Music
    Chants Liturgiques des Coptes, notés et mis en ordre par Le Père Louis Badet, S.J. [Première] Partie Office de la Sainte Messe, Chants du Peuple et du Diacre vocal score | 12 x 8 ¾ in. ; 72 p. | This is a reprint edition. Originally published in Cairo: Collège de la Sainte-Famille, Petit Séminaire Copte, A.M.D.G., [1899]. (Source Note). Another attempt at transcribing the Coptic liturgy of St. Basil, while correcting the mistakes of his earlier colleague, Jules Blin. (General). Vocal Score (Form).
    • Contributor: La Filografica - Badet, Louis - Coptic Church
    • Date: 1936

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