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    Divine liturgy of St. Basil with its hymns John E. Gillespie collection of Coptic mass recordings - Coptic liturgy of St. Basil as recorded by the Coptic Institute of Studies in 1967 under the direction of Ragheb Moftah sound recording | 8 sound tape reels: analog, 15 ips, mono.; 10-inch | Congregation Responses: The Institute of Coptic Studies Choir (Performers). Deacon Responses: Sadiq Attallah (Performers). Priests: Father Marcus Girgis of Matai, Father ...
    • Contributor: Girgis, Father Marcus of Matai - Attalah, Sadiq - Gillespie, John E. - Moftah, Ragheb - As-Suryani, Father Shenouda [His Holiness Pope Shenouda Iii] - Father Gregoriuos - Aziz, Father Ibrahim - Institute of Coptic Studies Choir - Coptic Church
    • Date: 1967
  • Audio Recording
    Ragheb Moftah collection of Coptic music recordings - Volume II - Pieces reserved for holidays and other special services VI: Pieces for Holy Week - Pieces for Easter (midnight mass) compact disc | 1 compact disc : digital, stereo | These compact discs were copied in 2005 from analog cassettes which the Library of Congress copied in 1992 from the original paper and mylar tapes compiled by Ragheb Moftah. Unlike the cassettes, the compact discs contain the pieces recorded in proper sequence. (Conservation History). Discs 20 of 21 discs. Bar code number: 00220443590. (General). ...
    • Contributor: Library of Congress - Moftah, Ragheb - Al-Batanouni, Mikhail Girgis
    • Date: 2005
  • Audio Recording
    The holy liturgy of St. Basil the great sound recording | 6 cassettes : 6 hrs. | Most tracks also found at,_Liturgy_of_St._Basil_in_Coptic_1971.html (Additional Form). Sound Recording (Form).
    • Contributor: [Institute for Coptic Studies] - Moftah, Ragheb - Attallah, Sadek
    • Date: 1954