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    Darfur Information Center With the current political violence in Darfur, and the involvement of various political parties and ethnicities, it's important to a have a comprehensive source that serves as a gateway for the plethora of news on Darfur, and at the same time to have educational and advocacy purposes. Web Site. electronic | Electronic (Form).
    • Contributor: Darfur Information Center
    • Date: 2006-02-20
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    The Crisis in Darfur, Sudan : Resources from
    Crisis in Darfur, Sudan
    General overview and compilation of computer network resources concerning the Darfur Conflict. Web Site. electronic | Electronic (Form).
    • Contributor:
    • Date: 2006-03-20
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    Protecting Two Million Internally Displaced : the Success and Shortcomings of the African Union in Darfur To assess how effectively the AU is providing protection, our Project contracted with William G. O’Neill and Violette Cassis, who offer in their report a first hand account of the successes and shortcomings of the AU’s intervention in Darfur. Web Site. electronic | Electronic (Form).
    • Contributor: O'neill, William G. - Cassis, Violette
    • Date: 2005-11-12
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    European Commission The homepage of the European Commission provides information on daily news, thecalendar, the policies, the President, the Commissioners and the services offered. Web Site. electronic | Electronic (Form).
    • Contributor: European Commission
    • Date: 2006-06-08
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    The Darfur Crisis Since February 2003 there has been a military conflict between two armed groups and the Government of Sudan in Darfur, a region in western Sudan. Web Site. electronic | Electronic (Form).
    • Contributor: Darfur
    • Date: 2006-07-17