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    Darfur : A Genocide We can Stop Web Site. electronic | Electronic (Form).
    • Contributor: Res Publica (Organization) - Darfur Advocacy Project
    • Date: 2006-02-01
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    Sudan : Darfur Destroyed The government of Sudan is responsible for “ethnic cleansing” and crimes against humanity in Darfur, one of the world’s poorest and most inaccessible regions, on Sudan’s western border with Chad. The Sudanese government and the Arab “Janjaweed” militias it arms and supports have committed numerous attacks on the civilian populations of the African Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic groups. Government forces oversaw and directly ...
    • Contributor: Human Rights Watch (Organization)
    • Date: 2004-06-26
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    Church World Service Church World Service is a cooperative humanitarian ministry of 36 Protestant, Orthodox, and Anglican denominations, providing sustainable self-help and development, disaster relief, and refugee assistance in more than 80 countries. Web Site. electronic | Electronic (Form).
    • Contributor: Church World Service
    • Date: 2001-11-07
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    Save Darfur The Save Darfur Coalition is an alliance of over 130 diverse faith-based, humanitarian, and human rights organization, assembled to raise public awareness and to mobilize efforts to help end the atrocities and reduce the suffering in Darfur and nearby refugee camps. Web Site. electronic | Electronic (Form).
    • Contributor: Save Darfur Coalition
    • Date: 2006-03-20
  • Archived Web Site
    TransAfrica Forum A center for activism focusing on conditions in the African World, we sponsor seminars, conferences, community awareness projects and training programs. These activities allow us to play a significant role in presenting to the general public alternative perspectives on the economic, political, and moral ramifications of U.S. foreign policy. Web Site. electronic | Electronic (Form).
    • Contributor: Transafrica Forum (Organization)
    • Date: 2002-09-13