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Books by & about Dayton C. Miller in the Dayton C. Miller Collection

Maynard, William J. "Dayton C. Miller, His Life, Work, and Contributions as a Scientist and Organologist." Master's thesis, Long Island University, 1971. 101 p.
Library of Congress call number: ML30.4b 2385
This thesis is made available here with permission from the author.
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Miller, Dayton C. Anecdotal History of the Science of Sound to the Beginning of the 20th Century. New York: Macmillan, 1935. 114 p.
Library of Congress call number: ML30.4 1174

-----. Catalogue of Books and Literary Material Relating to the Flute and Other Musical Instruments, with Annotations. Cleveland: privately printed, 1935. 120 p.
Library of Congress call number: ML30.4 1173

-----, trans. The Flute and Flute-Playing in Acoustical, Technical, and Artistic Aspects. by Theobald Boehm. Translated from the German of Theobald Boehm, with Extensive Annotations and Appendices Containing New Biographical Material and a Revised List of Boehm's Compostions. Second English edition, revised and enlarged. Cleveland, Ohio: Dayton C. Miller; London: Rudall, Carte & Co., Ltd. 1922. 197 p.
Library of Congress call number: ML30.4 285

-----. "Flutes of the American Indian." "Flutes of Japan and China." "The Contra-Bass Flute and The Albisiphone." "The Flute d'Amour and Other Transposing Flutes." "Comments on Certain Characteristics of Flutes." "The Pipes of Pan or The Syrinx." "Flutes of Glass." "Flutes for One-Handed Players." "The Dayton C. Miller Collections: Notes by the Collector." (Separates. Ten Historical and descriptive papers relating to the flute, including one anonymous biographical article, "Dayton C. Miller," probably by Emil Medicus, published in The Flutist magazine, 1921-1925.) 45 p.
Library of Congress call number: ML30.4 623

-----. "The Influence of the Material of Wind-Instruments on the Tone Quality." Science, n.s. 29 (Jan. 29, 1909): 161-71. Reprinted in Metronome (May-June 1909). 23 p.
Library of Congress call number: ML30.4 58

Iconography Resources

Biographical Dictionaries

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  • Oxford Art Online External (subscription only).
  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, 2004-2005 External (subscription only).
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General Sources

  • Baudicour, Prosper de. Le Peintre-Graveur Français continué, ou Catalogue raisonné des etampes gravées par les peintres et les dessinateurs de l'école française nés dans le XVIIIe siècle…. 2 vols. Paris: Mme Bouchard-Huzard and Leipzig: R. Weigel, 1859-1861. Prints and Photographs Division. NE149.R63
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Catalogues raisonnés, monographs, exhibition catalogues, articles on individual artists

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Other sources (books from which Miller prints were derived)

  • Bell 's Edition. The Poets of Great Britain complete from Chaucer to Churchill. 109 vols. London: Printed for J. Bell, 1777-1787. Rare Book Division. PR1171.B5 Pre-1801 Collection
  • Cats, Jacob. Emblem books with various titles (Houwelyck; Spiegel van den ouden en nieuwen tijt, Alle de wercken... and others), from 1617 to 1726, a full run of which is in the Folger Shakespeare Library.
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  • Hotteterre. Jacques. Principes de la Flute Traversiere, ou la Flute d'Allemagne, de la Flute a Bec, ou la Flute Douce, et du Haut-Bois.... Paris: 1707. Music Division. Dayton C. Miller Library, no. 99.
  • Prévost, abbé. Histoire générale des voyages.... 25 vols. La Haye: P. de Hondt, 1747-80. Rare Book Division. G160.P94 Pre-1801 Collection
  • Saint Non, Jean Claude Richard de. Voyage pittoresque, ou Description des royaumes de Naples et de Sicile. 5 vols. Paris [Imprimerie de Clousier] 1781-1786. Rare Book Division. Rosenwald Collection. DG821.S14 Folio

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