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Dayton C. Miller Subject Categories

It may be of interest to researchers to review Subject categories assigned to the prints by Dr. Miller himself. When Dr. Miller catalogued his collection, he assigned some general subject categories to the prints with an alphabetic key, A-Z, as follows, though there are no categories for D, I, and J. Each print is identified by a catalogue number, followed by a letter, for example, 110/B, or 123/L. The prints were numbered by Dr. Miller in the order in which he collected them, so 110/B means that this print was the 110th print collected by Dr. Miller and he assigned it to the "B" category for "Caricatures and Cartoons." Print number 123/L was the 123rd print collected by Dr. Miller and he assigned it to the "L" category for "Single Players." Dr. Miller's subject categories appear in a special Subject list.

Detail from Musique (Music) by Louis Eugène, or Eugène Louis, Pirodon, after a painting by Emmanuel Noterman or Zacharias Noterman, 19th century, no. 33/X. Dayton C. Miller Collection, Performing Arts Reading Room.

There is often a crossover among the categories, so this must be kept in mind by the researcher. For example, if a print has a mythological subject (U category), it might also have been placed in K (Early Subjects) or Y (Miscellaneous Art - large).

Index to Flute-Art, Subject categories A-Z devised by
Dayton C. Miller for his print collection.
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