Collection Items

  • Map
    The Mississippi Relief shown pictorially. Shows trees, animals, and names of the Indian nations. Pen-and-ink and watercolor; detached from paper and mounted on cloth backing. "This is the copy of a sketch of the Mississippi River and country, contained in a manuscript map ... has the following title Carte génerale de la France septentrionale, contenant dans la dʹecouverte du pays des Ilinois ... made by the ...
    • Contributor: Franquelin, Jean Baptiste Louis - Joliet, Louis
    • Date: 1682
  • Map
    [Rough sketch showing the Mississippi River from its junction with the Ohio to a little below Memphis]. Title devised by cataloger. Pen-and-ink sketch with numerous notations on the east bank of the Mississippi. "Wolf Isld." and "Big Island" are named. Condition imperfect: Foxed, torn and missing small internal sections at fold lines, fragile (cut in center), mounted on cloth backing. Illegible writing on verso of map covered by cloth backing with cut to form a flap: Record of .... .... (illegible) ...
    • Date: 1800
  • Map
    [Mississippi river, with Ohio, Rock, Iowa River de Moins, Missouri, White, and Arkansas rivers, and part of the Red River]. Title devised by cataloger. Pen-and-ink, mounted on cloth. Includes 7 "Indian boundary lines." In lower left corner in pencil: 91. On verso: Transferred from Interior Department, Office of Indian Affairs. Jan. 7, 1925. In lower right corner on verso: St. no. 5811-3. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.
    • Date: 1804