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Collection Dolly Parton and the Roots of Country Music

Dolly Parton Discography

This discography lists Dolly Parton's releases in roughly chronological order. It does not include recordings in which she is a guest artist, but only those for which she was one of the principle performers. Also, it does not include every compilation (such as greatest hits collections), reissue, or limited-pressing promotional item.

Italicized titles designate full-length albums (LPs) or, if so indicated, CDs. All other items are singles or EPs (Extended Plays). Collaborations with Porter Wagoner are indicated by "w/PW."


  1. 1959

    Puppy Love / Girl Left Alone (Goldband 1086) - reissued with picture sleeve in 1970s

  2. 1962

    It's Sure Gonna Hurt / The Love You Gave (Mercury 71982)

  3. 1963

    Hits Made Famous by Country Queens (Somerset P-19700) - one side of LP is Parton performing 6 songs made famous by Kitty Wells

  4. 1965

    I Wasted My Tears / What Do You Think about Lovin' (Monument 869)

    Happy, Happy Birthday Baby / Old Enough to Know Better (Too Young to Resist) (Monument 897)

    Busy Signal / I Took Him for Granted (Monument 913)

  5. 1966

    Control Yourself / Don’t Drop Out (Monument 922)

    Put It Off until Tomorrow / Lonely, Lonely Boy (Bill Phillips) (Decca 31901) - Parton sings uncredited background vocal on A-side - this single generated wide-spread interest in Parton’s singing and songwriting

    Little Things / I'll Put It Off until Tomorrow (Monument 948)

  6. 1967

    Dumb Blonde / The Giving and the Taking (Monument 982)

    Something Fishy / I've Lived My Life (Monument 1007)

    Hello, I'm Dolly (Monument SLP 18085)

    Why, Why, Why / I Couldn't Wait Forever (Monument 1032)

    The Last Thing on My Mind / Love Is Worth Living (w/PW) (RCA Victor 47-9369)

  7. 1968

    I'm Not Worth the Tears / Ping Pong (Monument 1047)

    Holding On to Nothing / Just between You and Me (w/PW) (RCA Victor 47-9490)

    Just between You and Me (w/PW) (RCA Victor LSP-3926)

    Just Because I'm a Woman / I Wish I Felt This Way at Home (RCA Victor 47-9548)

    Just Because I'm a Woman (RCA Victor LSP-3949)

    We'll Get Ahead Someday / Jeanie's Afraid of the Dark (w/PW) (RCA Victor 47-9577)

    Just the Two of Us (w/PW) (RCA Victor LSP-4039)

    In the Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad) / Try Being Lonely (RCA Victor 47-9657)

    Dolly Parton and George Jones (Starday LP 429) - Parton on one side of LP w/o Jones

  8. 1969

    In the Good Old Days (RCA Victor LSP-4099)

    Malena / Yours, Love (w/PW) (RCA Victor 74-0104)

    Daddy / He's a Go-Getter (RCA Victor 74-0132)

    Always, Always / No Need to Hurry Home (w/PW) (RCA Victor 74-0172)

    In the Ghetto / The Bridge (RCA Victor 74-0192)

    Always, Always (w/PW) (RCA Victor LSP-4186)

    My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy / 'Til Death Do Us Part (RCA Victor 74-0243)

    My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy (RCA Victor LSP-4188)

    Just Someone I Used to Know / My Hands Are Tied (w/PW) (RCA Victor 74-0247)

    Daddy Come and Get Me / Chas (RCA Victor 47-9784)

    Tomorrow Is Forever / Mendy Never Sleeps (w/PW) (RCA Victor 47-9799)

  9. 1970

    Mule Skinner Blues / More Than Their Share (RCA Victor 47-9863)

    The Fairest of Them All (RCA Victor LSP-4288)

    Daddy Was an Old Time Preacher Man / A Good Understanding (w/PW) (RCA Victor 47-9875)

    Porter Wayne and Dolly Rebecca (w/PW) (RCA Victor LSP-4305)

    As Long As I Love (Monument SLP 18136) - issue of material recorded ca. 1967

    A Real Live Dolly (Live) (RCA Victor LSP-4387)

    Once More (w/PW) (RCA Victor LSP-4388)

    The Best of Dolly Parton (RCA Victor LSP-4449)

    Joshua / I'm Doing This For Your Sake (RCA Victor 47-9928)

  10. 1971

    Comin' For to Carry Me Home / Golden Streets of Glory (RCA Victor 47-9971)

    Golden Streets of Glory (RCA Victor LSP-4398)

    Better Move It On Home / Two of a Kind (w/PW) (RCA Victor 47-9958)

    Two of a Kind (w/PW) (RCA Victor LSP-4490)

    Joshua (RCA Victor LSP-4507)

    The Right Combination / The Pain of Loving You (w/PW) (RCA Victor 47-9994)

    My Blue Tears / The Mystery of the Mystery (RCA Victor 47-9999)

    The Best of Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton (w/PW) (RCA Victor LSP-4556)

    Coat of Many Colors / Here I Am (RCA Victor 74-0538)

    Coat of Many Colors (RCA Victor LSP-4603)

    Burning the Midnight Oil / More Than Words Can Tell (w/PW) (RCA Victor 74-0565)

  11. 1972

    The Right Combination: Burning the Midnight Oil (w/PW) (RCA Victor LSP-4628)

    Touch Your Woman / Mission Chapel Memories (RCA Victor 74-0662)

    Touch Your Woman (RCA Victor LSP-4686)

    Lost Forever in Your Kiss / The Fog Has Lifted (w/PW) (RCA Victor 74-0675)

    Washday Blues / Just As Good As Gone (RCA Victor 74-0757)

    My Favorite Songwriter: Porter Wagoner (RCA Victor LSP-4752)

    Together Always / Love's All Over (w/PW) (RCA Victor 74-0773)

    Together Always (w/PW) (RCA Victor LSP-4761)

    Lord, Hold My Hand / When I Sing For Him (RCA Victor 74-0797)

    Just the Way I Am (RCA Camden CAS-2583)

  12. 1973

    We Found It / Love Have Mercy On Us (w/PW) (RCA Victor 74-0893)

    We Found It (w/PW) (RCA Victor LSP-4841)

    My Tennessee Mountain Home / The Better Part of Life (RCA Victor 74-0868)

    My Tennessee Mountain Home (RCA Victor APL1-0033)

    Traveling Man / I Remember (RCA Victor 74-0950)

    If Teardrops Were Pennies / Come to Me (w/PW) (RCA Victor 74-0981)

    Love and Music (w/PW) (RCA Victor APL1-0248)

    Bubbling Over (RCA Victor APL1-0286)

    Jolene / Love, You're So Beautiful Tonight (RCA Victor APBO-0145)

    Mine (RCA Camden ACL1-0307)

  13. 1974

    Jolene (RCA Victor APL1-0473)

    I Will Always Love You / Lonely Comin' Down (RCA Victor APBO-0234)

    Please Don't Stop Loving Me / Sounds of Nature (w/PW) (RCA Victor PB-10010)

    Porter 'n' Dolly (w/PW) (RCA Victor APL1-0646)

    Love Is like a Butterfly / Sacred Memories (RCA Victor PB-10031)

    Love Is like a Butterfly (RCA Victor APL1-0712)

  14. 1975

    The Bargain Store / I'll Never Forget (RCA Victor PB-10164)

    The Bargain Store (RCA Victor APL1-0950)

    The Seeker / Love with Feeling (RCA Victor PB-10310)

    Say Forever You'll Be Mine / How Can I Help You Forgive Me (w/PW) (RCA Victor PB-10328)

    Say Forever You'll Be Mine (w/PW) (RCA Victor APL1-1116)

    The Best of Dolly Parton (RCA Victor APL1-1117)

    We Used To / My Heart Started Breaking (RCA Victor PB-10396)

    Dolly (RCA Victor APL1-1221)

  15. 1976

    Hey, Lucky Lady / Most of All, Why (RCA Victor PB-10564)

    All I Can Do / Falling Out of Love with Me (RCA Victor PB-10730)

    All I Can Do (RCA Victor APL1-1665)

    Is Forever Longer Than Always / If You Say I Can (w/PW) (RCA Victor PB-10652)

  16. 1977

    Light of a Clear Blue Morning / There (RCA PB-10935)

    New Harvest . . . First Gathering (RCA Victor APL1-2188)

    Here You Come Again / Me and Little Andy (RCA PB-11123)

    Here You Come Again (RCA Victor AFL1-2544)

  17. 1978

    Two Doors Down / It's All Wrong, But It's All Right (RCA PB-11240)

    Heartbreaker / Sure Thing (RCA PB-11296)

    Heartbreaker (RCA Victor APL1-2797)

    Baby I'm Burning / I Really Got the Feeling (RCA PB-11420)

    Baby I'm Burning / I Wanna Fall in Love (RCA PD-11425) - pink vinyl 12" single

  18. 1979

    You're the Only One / Down (RCA PB-11577)

    Sweet Summer Lovin' / Great Balls of Fire (RCA PB-11705)

    Great Balls of Fire (RCA Victor AHL1-3361)

  19. 1980

    Starting Over Again / Sweet Agony (RCA PB-11926)

    Making Plans / Beneath the Sweet Magnolia Tree (w/PW) (RCA PB-11983)

    Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You / I Knew You When (RCA PB-12040)

    Dolly, Dolly, Dolly (RCA Victor AHL1-3546)

    If You Go, I'll Follow You / Hide Me Away (w/PW) (RCA PB-12119)

    Porter and Dolly (RCA Victor AHL1-3700)

    9 to 5 / Sing for the Common Man (RCA PB-12133)

    9 to 5 and Odd Jobs (RCA Victor AHL1-3852)

  20. 1981

    But You Know I Love You / Poor Folks Town (RCA PB-12200)

    The House of the Rising Sun / Working Girl (RCA PB-12282)

  21. 1982

    Single Woman / Barbara on Your Mind (RCA PB-13057)

    Heartbreak Express / Act like a Fool (RCA PB-13234)

    Heartbreak Express (RCA Victor AHL1-4289)

    I Will Always Love You / Do I Ever Cross Your Mind (RCA PB-13260)

    Hard Candy Christmas / Me and Little Andy (RCA PB-13361)

    Greatest Hits (RCA Victor AHL1-4422)

    Everything's Beautiful (In Its Own Way) (w/Willie Nelson) / Put It Off until Tomorrow (w/Kris Kristofferson) (Monument 03408)

    Winning Hand (w/Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson and Brenda Lee) (Monument JWG 38389)

  22. 1983

    Potential New Boyfriend / One of Those Days (RCA PB-13514)

    Islands in the Stream (w/Kenny Rogers) / I Will Always Love You (Kenny Rogers solo) (RCA PB-13615)

    Save the Last Dance for Me / Elusive Butterfly (RCA PB-13703)

    Burlap and Satin (RCA Victor AHL1-4691)

    What Do You Think about Lovin' / You're Gonna Love Yourself (In the Morning) (Monument 03781)

  23. 1984

    Tennessee Homesick Blues / Butterflies (RCA PB-13619)

    The Great Pretender / Downtown (RCA PB-13756)

    The Great Pretender (RCA Victor AHL1-4940)

    God Won't Get You / Sweet Lovin' Friends (w/Sylvester Stallone) (RCA PB-13883)

    Rhinestone (soundtrack w/Sylvester Stallone) (RCA Victor AHL1-5032)

    Medley: Winter Wonderland - Sleigh Ride / The Christmas Song (Kenny Rogers solo) (RCA PB-13944)

    The Greatest Gift of All / White Christmas (w/Kenny Rogers) (RCA PB-13945)

    Once upon a Christmas (w/Kenny Rogers) (RCA Victor ASL1-5307)

  24. 1985

    Don't Call It Love / We Got Too Much (RCA PB-13987)

    Real Love (w/Kenny Rogers) / I Can't Be True (RCA PB-14058)

    Think about Love / Come Back to Me (RCA PB-14218)

    Real Love (RCA Victor AHL1-5414)

    Christmas without You / A Christmas to Remember (both w/Kenny Rogers) (RCA PB-14261)

    Collector's Series (RCA Victor AHL1-5471)

  25. 1986

    Tie Our Love (In a Double Knot) / I Hope You're Never Happy (RCA PB-14297)

    Think about Love (RCA Victor AHL1-9508)

  26. 1987

    Trio (w/Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris) (LP and CD) (Warner Bros. 25491)

    Rainbow (LP and CD) (Columbia FC 40968)

  27. 1988

    The River Unbroken / More Than I Can Say (Columbia 07665)

    I Know You by Heart (w/Smokey Robinson) / Could I Have Your Autograph (Columbia 07727)

    Make Love Work / Two Lovers (Columbia 07995)

  28. 1989

    Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' like That / Wait Til I Get You Home (w/Mac Davis) (Columbia 68760)

    White Limozeen (LP & CD) (Columbia FC 44384)

    Yellow Roses / Wait Till I Get You Home (w/Mac Davis) (Columbia 69040)

  29. 1990

    He's Alive / What Is It My Love (Columbia 73200)

    Time for Me to Fly / The Moon, the Stars, and Me (Columbia 73226)

    White Limozeen / The Moon, the Stars, and Me (Columbia 73341)

    Slow Healing Heart / Take Me Back to the Country (Columbia 73498)

    Love Is Strange (w/Kenny Rogers) / Walk Away (Kenny Rogers solo) (Reprise 19760)

    Home for Christmas (CD) (Columbia FC 46796)

  30. 1991

    Rockin' Years (w/Ricky Van Shelton) / What a Heartache (Columbia 73711)

    Silver and Gold / Runaway Feelin' (Columbia 73826)

    Eagle When She Flies / Wildest Dreams (Columbia 74011)

    Eagle When She Flies (CD) (Columbia FC 46882)

  31. 1992

    Country Road / The Best Woman Wins (w/Lorrie Morgan) (Columbia 74183)

  32. 1993

    Romeo (w/"friends") / High and Mighty (Columbia 74876)

    More Where That Came From / I'll Make Your Bed (Columbia 74954)

    Full Circle / What Will Baby Be (Columbia 77083)

    Silver Threads and Golden Needles (w/Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette) / Let Her Fly (Columbia 77294)

    Slow Dancing with the Moon (CD) (Columbia CK 53199)

    Honky Tonk Angels (CD w/Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette) (Columbia CK 53419)

  33. 1994

    To Daddy / PMS Blues (Columbia 77723)

    Heartsongs: Live from Home (CD) (Columbia CK 66123)

  34. 1995

    I Will Always Love You (w/Vince Gill) / Speakin' of the Devil (Columbia 78079)

    Something Special (CD) (Columbia CK 67140)

  35. 1996

    Treasures (CD) (Rising Tide 53041)

  36. 1998

    Hungry Again (CD) (MCA 70041)

  37. 1999

    Trio II (CD w/Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris) (Elektra 2 62275)

    Precious Memories (CD) (Dollywood)

    Walking on Sunshine (Damian/BMG)

    The Grass Is Blue (CD) (Sugar Hill SUG-3900)

  38. 2001

    Little Sparrow (CD) (Sugar Hill SUG-3927)

  39. 2002

    Halos and Horns (CD) (Sugar Hill SUG-3946)

  40. 2003

    For God and Country (CD) (Welk Music 79756)