• Audio Recording
    There's a long, long trail Coupling date: 3/27/1916. Cutout date: 10/31/1929. On label: tenor and chorus with orchestra. Written in 1913 by two seniors at Yale. With (reverse side): My mother's rosary / Walter Van Brunt.
    • Contributor: Elliott, Zo - Ballard, George Wilton - King, Stoddard - Edison
    • Date: 1916
  • Audio Recording
    I'm forever blowing bubbles Copyright: Remick Music Corp., 1919. Coupling date: 4/10/1919. Cutout date: 10/31/1929. On label: contralto and tenor with orchestra. "Jean Kenbrovin" is a combined pseudonym for James Kendis, James Brockman, and Nat Vincent. With (reverse side): In the old sweet way / Helen Clark, George Ballard.
    • Contributor: Kenbrovin, Jaan - Kellette, John William - Clark, Helen - Ballard, George Wilton - Edison
    • Date: 1919