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Collection Inside an American Factory: Films of the Westinghouse Works, 1904

About the Westinghouse Works

Map of the Westinghouse interests

By the time that the American Mutoscope & Biograph Co. had filmed the Westinghouse Works in 1904, the Westinghouse enterprise had grown to include many companies both in the United States and abroad. Background information is provided here on three of the companies most prominently featured in the AM&B films: the Air Brake Company, the Electric & Manufacturing Company, and the Machine Company.

The following list of some other Westinghouse holdings and associated companies can offer an indication of how vast the interests of George Westinghouse had become at this time:

The Westinghouse Air Brake Co.
The Union Switch and Signal Company
The Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company
The Westinghouse Machine Company
Westinghouse Church Kerr & Co.
Cooper Hewitt Electric Company
Sawyer-Man Electric Company
R. D. Nuttall Company
Nernst Lamp Company
Pittsburg Meter Company
Canadian Westinghouse Company, Limited
The American Brake Company
The Westinghouse Automatic Air and Steam Coupler Company
The Westinghouse Brake Company, Ltd., London, England
The Westinghouse Brake Company, Ltd., Hanover, Germany
The Westinghouse Company, Ltd., St. Petersburg, Russia
Societe Anonyme Westinghouse, France
The Bryant Electric Company
The Perkins Electric Switch Manufacturing Company
The British Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
The Westinghouse Electricitats-Actiengesellschaft